Friday, May 4

Sucessful challenges

My, these look awesome: Bags from Menswear from Oh Happy Day....

I would love to make these as gifts this year, but I need more practice.

I started to work on my curtain project - Just a simple curtain to put up in the bathroom just to get my straight-line sewing skills down. But, after I had ironed my fabric, I got to setting my up new to me machine. And I ran into an issue. ....2 hours later and a phone call to my awesome mother and skype to try and figure out the problem....the bobbin was wrong. the one empty bobbin that came with the machine (from craigslist) happened to be the incorrect TYPE of bobbin. So the machine kept "spitting" it out. And inexperienced me, had followed all the directions and I just knew I had installed it correctly, couldn't figure out why IT WOULDN'T THREAD.

Mother to the rescue "well, is it the right kind of bobbin? If it is wrong, then it wont work in the machine." Lo, and behold - the bobbins were different. As soon as I used the other kind - poof! sewing abilities abound. But by that time it was a Sunday evening and I needed to finish up some work before the week started.

Believe me - now that I have the machine figured out, once this *&$^# work week is over, I will be in front of that lovely, old-school Kenmore, working my brain around something artistic.

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