Tuesday, January 27

If I were a superhero, I would certainly wear tights

The Optimator - bringing cheers and beers to the down around the world.

Thursday, January 15


Man, I have got the winter blues bad.
All I keep thinking about it family and how much I just want to chill out and veg.

I started my "new years" cleaning yesterday. I haven't cleaned since my parents were here at the beginning of November. It's lookin pretty grody.

My friends mother will be up here for a training seminar in two weeks, so I figured I better start now. It's just so annoying cause in order to do one thing you have to do another that needs something else done first. augh. Like rearranging the living room. It's such an awkward rectangle and the incoming traffic flow goes right thru the middle. Not to mention the outlets in weird places.

SO: for my sanity (and because I love procrastinating)
1) Living Room
- pick up dishes, misc,
- find a way to store electronic stuff (metal rack from office?)
-hang pictures
2) Dining Room
- pick up stuff from table and buffet
- Hang curtains
- find table cloth?
3) Kitchen
- Find a kitchen cart to reorganize for more counter space
- clean pots and pans
- clean spice jars
- find storage options
- bring stuff up to attic
- neaten desks
- space for crafts?
5)Spare Room
- wash floor
6) Bedroom
- wash sheets
- wash comforters (laundromat)
7) Basement
- clean cat doo and misc.

See? it's a little overwhelming.

Plus today is like -6354 degress (not really, it's 11) and everything in my body aches. Except maybe my belly.

::sigh:: one more day of work before the weekend...

Monday, January 12


I think -- I work purely for vacations. I can't wait to plan them, to travel to them...yep.

I's like to plan out my FOUR weeks of awesome non-working time, however I do have to narrow my list down a tad:
- New Orleans to visit my cousin
- the beach
- camping (multiple times)
- Virginia (for a wedding)
- the Northwest (Seattle/Oregon and the like)
- Florida
- the mid-west? I'd like to see my best friend again.

Hm..plus I have to take time off for my mouth surgery. Boo.

Monday, January 5


I had a falling out of sorts with music since college.
I remember in high school, I would always say that I "couldn't live without it."
When I moved home halfway through college, I don't remember being that compelled to turn on music every time there was silence.
I still don't get that persistent itch to have music on all the time, but once in a while, I just wanna turn some up loud.

So now I am on a quest to find some awesome tunes to keep me occupied. It's tough, because it's going to have to be an honest-to-goodness search. I'm pretty tired of most of the music I have in my library. Mostly because it is pretty angsty.

I'm over angsty.

I'm also over slowly getting chubby. I'm going to dance class twice a week starting tomorrow. Yes, that includes the gym I already belong to. No, I'm not rich. I just realize I can't be lazy and sometimes have to "sacrifice." I say that in quotes because I don't really care about money (shh...don't tell the Boy). I miss being creative, so hopefully it will help me relax and enjoy the year. So now, I'm off to work on my lazy butt.

P.S. Smelly cat is on my lap. pe-yew.

Sunday, January 4

Easy Sunday

Here I am, again.
On the computer with my little old man cat keeping each other warm.
We have to kinda cut back on our energy, we have been using a BIT too much.

I have to call my neighbor today to let him know that he needs to get in touch with his buddy at the auto repair place. I have to bring my car in and he has to pay cause his wife broke my car door. Oops. Anyway, I hope they can work it out. I don't want to get all nasty and mean to have it paid for.

Listening to the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss album. It's pretty awesome. Very nice.

::sigh:: I need to clean, but it's probably not going to happen. Bummer.

Thursday, January 1

Some Pig!

Or in my case...some year! Actually I have no idea. I'm terrible at tracking time, and therefore terrible at giving a re-cap of stuff that happened this year. But I can tell you what I did yesterday (amazingly).

I cooked.

Minestrone soup, Chocolate Orange Cupcakes and Artichoke dip.

Here's my messy kitchen:

I actually was just finishing the soup and started the cupcakes.
Oranges are awesome, and don't you forget it.

Minestrone Soup:

Ohhh yeah. super tasty. Then I went over to my aunts for New Years. Nothin like costumes on New Years:
Have a fantastic year!!!