Saturday, November 8

But I don't wanna get up.....

I am totally up at 8 to go to the gym.
I think I'm nuts. It's the perfect day for bed.

My alarm went off at 630 (normal time for workday) and I didn't see the boy. I panicked because I had no idea where he was..."is he in the bathroom? no, I would have heard him..sleeping downstairs? no he never does that...unless he's mad, is he mad at me?"
Seriously, all these things went thru my foggy head before I remember, "oh right, he's at his mothers."

Sometimes, mornings are not my thing.

SO off I go, froggy morning voice and all to "totally condition" my body.
Yeah, right. That will take some time.

But I did do some belly dancing last night.

Friday, November 7

In my life

Here I am.
Typing away.
I have cookies setting up in the fridge.
Two loads of laundry in the cellar.
Neil Young is playing on Pandora and making me feel relaxed, nostalgic, emotional. (Cortez the Killer)

They have been playing a lot of Native American documentaries on public television this week.
They keep making me weepy. Why do we suck? Sometimes I am not so happy I am American.
Most of the time I live in my happy little world, where I just float along, make money spend money, nothing is destroyed...When my naive vision clears, it's a shock every time.

And here I am.
Planning for the weekend.
And that's about it.

My Life seems silly at times.

Thursday, November 6


Dah. I'm so ticked-off at myself.

All I had to do was post a little blurb or two. But nooooo....
Obama had to go and make history and all, and then I had to stay up way past my bedtime.

And the second day? Well, I was just so depressed about the whole "I forgot to post" thing (you think I'm kidding...) that I just didn't even turn on my computer.


Anyhow, I'm trying to move on here. I'm still feeling a little sluggish. Life sucks when your whole body hurts.

Looking forward to the weekend! The madness that will ensue with 8 ladies shopping for wedding dresses. I am only meeting them at the store, and they are having brunch pre-shopping excursion. I'm sure more then one of them will have had plenty of mimosa to make it pretty amusing. :oD And then I will follow them home and have my share of beverages. woo!

Monday, November 3


Where did it go??

I guess a gin and tonic after work will do that to ya. The best kind is created with tonic containing quinine. What an interesting wikipedia article! Totally did not relate the pill you take for malaria with the drink you make for um, everything else! And? It's UV reactive. How interesting...

When I went to Costa Rica, they recommended a slew of immunizations and medications. I opted for just the tetanus and the hepatitis I believe. Some of my buddies also opted for the Quinine. My side effects? a sore arm (I swear it was for a month!) And them? Weird-ass dreams. They didn't seem like scary dreams, but it was more like they were so strange, they were spooked. Glad I didn't take it. hm..

I guess tonic with quinine doesn't give the same effects (unless you drink like...30 liters or something). Bummer, it says it helps with arthritis and nocturnal leg cramps. But it's not prescribed anymore for that purpose because the risks associated with the drug are more severe than would warrant the use of it. Psh. They never had my leg cramps.

P.S. Don't forget the lime.

Sunday, November 2

Weekend Crash

Experiencing a tad bit of withdrawal from the visitor crazyness.

We made Pumpkin ice cream and enough vodka sauce to feed part of an army.
We ran a 5K and took a late fall hike.
We re-adopted a kitty and are attempting to train him with some manners.

Now, I'm bummed. (plus one of my favorite food blogs already posted a pumpkin ice cream recipe!) oh well. Here are some sweet photos.

Pop hiking ahead.

Lovely views

Destination: waterfall.

Hedgehog, sleeping in pants cuff!

My favorite tree: the tulip tree. I would recognize
this tree shape anywhere.

Well, here is to a better week. I believe it will be much easier to wake up with that handy time change today.

Good night!

Saturday, November 1

Happy November!

Well, I did it, and it wasn't too horrible.
My dad and I ran about half the 5K, and ran the last .6 miles. Our time? 38:15
Meh, I know, but we were not last! I will definitely run another. Just maybe when it gets warmer out.

Right now we are just hanging out, waiting for the motherly unit to return with food to begin our feasting. I believe the menu tonight is Pasta a la vodka. or something. I know it has vodka in it. Also, my mom purchased an ice cream maker for pumpkin ice cream!! My dad, brother and I used to make it every year with the ice cream maker they had received as a wedding gift. We stopped once the machine died. So my youngest brother was too late to experience the awesomeness that I remember pumpkin ice cream to be. I will take photos and post a recipe.

I also had made a cranberry crumble that I took photos of. It turned out kinda, um, odd...but I'll post it anyway. Good practice.

So, my kitty is re-adjusting to the basement. I heard the trip up wasn't too awful for him. He only whined part of the 3 hour trip. My mom stopped at the vet to pick up some tranquilzers because I didn't want him to feel too awful coming up. But he hadn't been to the vet for 2 years or so, so they wouldn't give it to her. Augh. My dad attemped to give him some benadryl, I know they give it to dogs. Dad mixed it in some wet food, Leo took two bites, and started foaming at the mouth. That didn't work either. Oh well. He seems to be okay. I have a little set-up in the basement for him, a chair off the floor and some blankets that he's been snoozing in. He'll settle in soon enough.

Okay, time to get back to my guests. Hooray for food!!!