Thursday, November 16


How a bit of rain can ruin a whole day.

Don't get me wrong, I love rain.
I just never realized how depressed everything gets. I mean like....moving slowly.
I got out of bed after laying there for an hour, just listening to the rain on the roof.
By the time I got my shower and got dressed, it was nearly 1130
I wanted to take this job application in person, but I didn't fill it out yet. By the time I was finished hemming and hawing about what to write, it was suddenly 2.
Now I am still not finished because I don't know of any job-related skills that would help me get a job there!!!

I'm pathetic.

Monday, November 13

The Big 2-2

Ya, I know. I'm a fricken spring chicken.
And I LOVE it! :oD
Don't you worry, I certainly am not taking my youth for granted.

For example:
I still continue ballet lessons (even tho, I really can't afford it)
I still eat whatever I want (even though I can tell I should stop that soon)
I love (for the most part) what my body looks like
and I try to never forget to appreciate moments of beauty, excitement, and wonder.
So don't try to tell me I am wasting my young life. Thank you.

That said, I had a pretty nice weekend. Started off with a delivery of flowers from the 'rents. It is quite the interesting bouquet...I get to use the dish it came in for baking! woowoo! Hehe!
Boyfriend took me out to a fancy scmancy restaurant. Wine, salmon, chocolate and sherry. So tasty. I think Saturday was pretty uneventful, but Sunday I went with my aunt to the Carhart store in the boonies, and to an antique store. I found a really pretty china set with a silver and light green design on it, only $80! (No, I didn't buy it.....but I was considering it.) And I also found a shadow box. I really want one of those too. You keep little trinkets and doo-dads in the little compartments. I remember looking at my mom's shadow box all the time and marveling at how tiny everything was.

Anyway. We also found where my interview is tomorrow. Easy to get to. I wasn't nervous about it until my mother called and told me to bring my summer project to talk about. I'm like....crap. Eh. I'm just trying to remember to relax. It'll go well.

And now I'm off to check the mail for birthday card stragglers! yay!)

Tuesday, November 7


Good freakin morning!
Gosh, it's early for me.
I just want to be able to speak when asked questions at the interview later on. Morning voice ain't pretty.
It's still too early for breakfast too.
*stomach grumbles*
Well, maybe not.

You know who is cool?
My boyfriend.
He tortures me with tickling, teases me relentlessly....
yet when I'm trying to fall asleep but feel kinda like crap, he plays with my hair and asks if I'm okay.
Awww.....what a guy!
I'll think I'll toast him a bagel. :oD

Monday, November 6


Ya know. I really hate inconsiderate people.
Like the people who own this apartment.
They're nice enough, I guess, but they are either way lazy, or way too into themselves to give a crap about this place that makes them money.

Number one: When boyfriend moved in here, there were a number of issues. Namely the bath tub. It exists solely as a shower, even though it has a bath tub. The thingie (technical term) that you pull to stop the water from the faucet to the shower head is permanently fused in the shower position. Also (this drives me CRAZY every day) that there is no knob in which to adjust the water temperature. Just a little metal stick. Like a joystick. That is stuck. And then you want it just a tad warmer, but because it sticks it FLIES to the left side and it burns your skin. And you try to adjust it back and it FLIES back to the right turning you into a popsicle. *grumble*

Number two: The kitchen sink was broken. The water went from the faucet, into the drain, thru the giant hole in the cabinet and onto the floor in the cellar. It took them 2 WEEKS to get someone here to replace it. I would understand a week, but we couldn't do dishes for that amount of time! I would have done dishes in the bathtub, but remember? It only works as a shower! *twitch*

Number three: What sparked this whole rant, they leave their clothes in the washer and dryer ALL WEEKEND. Not only is that going to make their clothes reek terribly, but it it SUPER inconsiderate. Seeing as the only thing now that is really making this place messy is boyfriend's clothes that are everywhere. (Yes, I don't know how he has that many clothes either.) And seeing as they are showing the apt to someone this afternoon, as a deal, he would clean the coffee table (dinner table/desk/footrest) and do the dishes while I did the laundry. Good deal.
But no. Can't do laundry. Come on now landlords, I know you own the place, but there are other people who live here!

Man...does this mean I'm getting old when I get pissed about not being able to do laundry??

Sunday, November 5


Well, just one job.
In retail.
It's one of my favorite stores, but still. It's in retail.

I'm bring positive about the whole thing because I don't want to be negative and ruin how much fun I could have there. Still greeting complete strangers really isn't my bag, baby. I did do stuff I can get into though....restocking. so delightfully repetitive. Also register. I hope I get snukkered into working register so I can get really good at it. And get good talking with people.
Also, I have an interview for another part time (office) job. To be honest, I know I hate these kinda of jobs, but it's stuff I know how to do, and it's kinda like a comfort thing. We'll see how it goes, I'm getting better with the meeting thing.

Things here are much of the same tho, He and I are still struggling to get over our annoying congestion colds (seriously, his snoring is terrible. I have never heard him snore as much as he does now. And me? I'm sure I'm pretty terrible as well. And waking up in the morning choking on hardened snot? Ick. Ew. Gag. ). Our need to be plastered to each other is still quite strong. That will probably be bad for me later. And his desire to tickle me til I can't breathe is also grating a bit on my nerves. That he doesn't understand that it TOTALLY SUCKS, is also tough to get thru when you can't talk.

I'm getting desperate for money. I think I have a little more that 150 in the bank right now, and i have a loan payment coming up not to mention the credit card payment as well, now that I actually used it. My summer tree counting money would be really awesome is it came like 2 WEEKS ago. Alas, I'm not sure if I will get it until next week, or good grief, the week after that. Augh, bureaucracy.