Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween, my fine, fabulous friends!

This will be quite the weekend!
Tonite, my family will be arriving for a full weekend. I believe that 5 people will be coming. I do not have enough bedrooms for all of them. In addition, I have a hedgehog that has quite a picky climate preference (a small space heater), and my cat will be joining me here in my new city. And um, he's older and was an outdoor cat. Yeah, he's not going to be allowed outside here. SO! It will be interesting.

Tomorrow, my father and I will be in a 5K run/walk. I added the "/walk" because I'm pretty sure we both will not be running much. Oh well. If anything, this attempt to train to run taught me I'm made to move on a dance floor, not concrete. Following this, a major Autumn feasting. Food all day, and many many people in our apartment. (mother, father, 2 brothers, my niece, my aunt, my uncle, in addition to me and my guy.)

I'm looking forward to all the excitement. Perhaps this is one reason this has been the. longest. week. ever. Seriously, didn't anyone else have a REALLY hard time getting out of bed this week? Man, it was brutal.

Therefore, I'm pretty stoked about the time change.

And, tomorrow begins my quest for daily posting for the month of November.
Be ye prepared. ( that bit is for me...)
Happy Fall everyone!

Thursday, October 23

Just a nice pic and a list for myself this weekend....
- Pick up the house and finish putting clothes away
- make banana bread for Friday
- learn how to do spa facials
- send out cards
- get a new air mattress for guest bedroom?
- carve pumpkins and make pepitas
- make pumpkin puree
- find a temporary storage solution for the kitchen nook
- get Perrin food

Me? Overly ambitious?? Nah...

Tuesday, October 21

For Emma Faye in Autumn

Take my moment in this beautiful light
in this warm yellow sun.
Take my view of these reds, maroons, yellow greens and orange
of these swiftly fading trees.
My little one with few years, I fear you will never see this lovely land.
I capture this memory the only way I can
These acquired tastes for the passion of the movement of life
the changing of tides, the presence of one moment.
This is for you.

Sunday, October 19

My curse

The Boy and I rented a few movies last night. It was about....oh, 11 pm. He got Alien because I have never seen it (I have also never seen Terminator, Gremlins, and a bunch of other "classic" 80's movies....and he thinks it's a travesty).

So, I grab Perrin the hedgehog, dodge his grumpy quills, and settle down on our nice reclining couch.

People, I didn't make it 15 minutes in. I was PASSED OUT. I know it wasn't the exciting part, but I'm not sure I wouldn't have slept thru all the other parts either.

It's a curse, this falling asleep thing. Anytime, anywhere. Dead to the world. I do it while talking too. That gets kinda awkward....

So, fell asleep early, now I'm up early. I'm off to attempt to continue training for this ambitious 5K run November 1st. hooboy.

Saturday, October 18


National Blog Posting Month. It's based on National Novel Writing Month where people try to write a whole novel in one month. Man, I am glad that I just joined up for blogging!

SO, I'm giving it a whirl this time around in November.
It's a good month, lots will be going on. A little shindig for my cousin/sista, Ms. M, my birthday, and who could POSSIBLY forget Thanksgiving. THE best holiday. That is where it might get a little tough to post, because I'm sure I will be partying hearty, and :ahem: playing "water" pong. I'll have to tell that story later on.
Overall, I'm looking forward to it. I have been meaning to get along with blogging, the Boy even set up a nice food site for me. (It does need quite a bit of tweaking tho...)

I think November will be lots of lovely fall pictures and notes, cooking posts, and general mayhem that comes along with knowing me, the little tree hugger!