Monday, July 16

Waiting for dinner to finish...

-I dislike chopping fresh herbs.
-If you ask what I want from the store, and the house has no food, expect a long answer.
-I need bigger index cards for a craft.
-I'm pretty sure I need to make a collage now.
-I want to bake a cake.
-I am much to tired to think straight.
-I need to make a shopping list.

This weekend we went to Toronto for a bachelor/ette party.
Walked WAY too far in pumps.
Bitched a bit.
Yet got into a club for free, sat in the VIP section, and enjoyed a bottle of Hennesy that the Boy decided to splurge on in celebration.
And get this....there was a bouncer making sure people didn't sit with us.

I think that's the most spoiled I've felt in a while.

Next day we woke up a tad to early.
Visited the Toronto Zoo...felt crappy.
And then it rained and rained....and the day was much better.
We decided to try and run to the next animal house..and then it downpoured.
It was awesome.