Sunday, February 22

Grace, Grace

1. Seeing sparrows peek over the edge of the window in the bedroom.
2. More quilt completed in addition to more kinds of fabric washed and cut.
3. The boy wanting to make a "home" for the hedgehog...out of paper maché.
4. Slow-cooker soup.
5. Getting to bed early.

The dining room table..."craft area."

Pieces of the quilt.

Saturday, February 21


It's been chock-full of going ons!
Got up early to the sound of knocking on our door at 930. We had forgotten that we were getting a new furnace!
So apparently, my cat is utterly afraid of unfamiliar people now. Once the repair guy had started work I had to go rescue the cat from his hiding a little nook in the ceiling of the basement. How he gets up there, I'm sure I'll never know. He mainly stayed upstairs the whole time....things got a bit, uh, tense when it had been over 5 hours he hadn't been downstairs. Old man cat had to go. It wasn't pretty. He wouldn't go downstairs so we ended up picking up all the carpets and locking him in the bathroom. Poor guy.

But we have a new efficient furnace that doesn't belch carbon monoxide into our house! yay! Ha. Yeah, the exhaust pipe had disconnected and was quietly trying to kill us. Thank goodness code requires CO dectedors in apartments! It's all good now, just means we get to havelower heating bills now!

Went to JoAnn's for more fabric for the quilt I have started. I miscounted the number of pieces I needed to cut. I like that part, picking out and touching everything. Yes. I know it's just fabric, but I have a tactile sense of things. I touch everything. And have been known to smell cards and books. So, I hope you're not OCD about that sorta thing. Sorry.

I finally made the Moosewood Cookbook's Apple Cottage Cheese Pancakes. I had been eying that recipe for years. Then, like a fool, I started the recipe and attempted to "beat the egg whites 'til stiff" by hand. Fool. My wrists are killin me. The taste was...interesting. I may have needed more apple, less cheese. But it was AWESOME with the NYS maple syrup we just restocked on.

The Boy bought the street fighters game for xbox. And, I must say, I can hold my own against Mr. Video-Game-Guru. It's fun. :oD Plus he says things like "you're the best girlfriend ever" after I do a Super combination and laugh like villain.

Now, I'm considering more Chinese food and more violent video games..."TIGER KNEE!"

Wednesday, February 18

who's got some??

Well. I have been at work one hour and have glanced at a project folder.

Stupid internet.

1. I sewed three strips of my quilt last night!
2. Leftover bean dip for lunch.
3. More sewing tonight, three more rows perhaps?
4. New bath rugs....cause my ancient cat pooed on the others....
5. um...sewing.

I actually don't want to do anything other than make that quilt. It's my first one and I am sensing a dangerous spiral into a new hobby. A new, time consuming, expensive hobby.

Also....I sound like a cat lady, approximately 68.4 years old in this post. Sewing, quilts and cats.

Tuesday, February 17

Grace in Small Things

1. These heels don't make my feet hurt!
2. Getting a report off my desk.
3. A hummus, cucumber and cheese sandwich for lunch.
4. Taco night!
5. Snuggles with The Boy.

Wednesday, February 11

Sage advice from....

Work hard, play hard. - My dad on the college experience.

Even if you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice. - Geddy Lee (Actually, this quote might have been in the same card from my dad when I went away to college. He's an awesome dad.)

Remember who you are and what you represent or written: RWYAAWYR. - My mother when I would leave the house...and to my friends. I think she realized it was good advice early on. I don't think anyone minded the reminder either.

Tuesday, February 10

Watch "The Secret of NIMH" next time you're home sick!

Cause it's a cute cartoon, fun to watch, a tiny bit of action, nothing too emotional though, and slightly thought provoking. What IF animals really do communicate?! I love it.

Thursday, February 5

When I started using the Internet

The very FIRST memory I have of using the internet was when my dad showed us we could track santa's trip around the world.When I regularly started using it it was to talk to my friends through AIM. Screw the telephone, I was on the computer until 1130 or 12 when I was in 9th grade. Then in 11th grade, the internet became my main pathway of communication to my computer-savvy college boyfriend. He showed me how friggin limitless it was. He still does actually. Thanks internet!!! lol


Feeling wired.
Although, only on one cup of coffee and about 24 oz. of water.
Trying to drink more skin and lips were VRY dry...and I was feeling, in the words of a friend - "cellulite-y." She says she is drinking a GALLON a day. Do you know how much water that is??? SIXTEEN cups. If I push myself, I get about nine cups. I think my brain would drown.

A 14-year old is suspected of shooting a cop in the head here. That's younger than my youngest brother. WTF.
Everyone keeps saying how "psycotic" he must be because despite all the programs available to assist youth and keep them out of gangs and drugs in the area, he still "slipped thru the cracks."

My 17-year old cousin is in chemo. WTF. I think of her a lot.

Three weddings for my cousins within the next year. Whoa.

Monday, February 2

I'll sing these songs at a karaoke bar if..

you blindfold me, give me many many drinks and tell me I am sitting in my car.

Inside out by Eve 6

The embarrassing part of the song comes when I would try to sing two people's parts at the same time.

Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer

I'm slightly tone-deaf and this song is slightly tedious. Double whammy.

I love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

I would need a lot of whiskey for this one because I really don't have a rock and roll voice.