Friday, October 31

Happy Halloween, my fine, fabulous friends!

This will be quite the weekend!
Tonite, my family will be arriving for a full weekend. I believe that 5 people will be coming. I do not have enough bedrooms for all of them. In addition, I have a hedgehog that has quite a picky climate preference (a small space heater), and my cat will be joining me here in my new city. And um, he's older and was an outdoor cat. Yeah, he's not going to be allowed outside here. SO! It will be interesting.

Tomorrow, my father and I will be in a 5K run/walk. I added the "/walk" because I'm pretty sure we both will not be running much. Oh well. If anything, this attempt to train to run taught me I'm made to move on a dance floor, not concrete. Following this, a major Autumn feasting. Food all day, and many many people in our apartment. (mother, father, 2 brothers, my niece, my aunt, my uncle, in addition to me and my guy.)

I'm looking forward to all the excitement. Perhaps this is one reason this has been the. longest. week. ever. Seriously, didn't anyone else have a REALLY hard time getting out of bed this week? Man, it was brutal.

Therefore, I'm pretty stoked about the time change.

And, tomorrow begins my quest for daily posting for the month of November.
Be ye prepared. ( that bit is for me...)
Happy Fall everyone!

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