Monday, July 16

Waiting for dinner to finish...

-I dislike chopping fresh herbs.
-If you ask what I want from the store, and the house has no food, expect a long answer.
-I need bigger index cards for a craft.
-I'm pretty sure I need to make a collage now.
-I want to bake a cake.
-I am much to tired to think straight.
-I need to make a shopping list.

This weekend we went to Toronto for a bachelor/ette party.
Walked WAY too far in pumps.
Bitched a bit.
Yet got into a club for free, sat in the VIP section, and enjoyed a bottle of Hennesy that the Boy decided to splurge on in celebration.
And get this....there was a bouncer making sure people didn't sit with us.

I think that's the most spoiled I've felt in a while.

Next day we woke up a tad to early.
Visited the Toronto Zoo...felt crappy.
And then it rained and rained....and the day was much better.
We decided to try and run to the next animal house..and then it downpoured.
It was awesome.

Sunday, March 18

All's well that ends.

What. A. Day.

St. Patrick's Day is a time for great revelry and boozing in my family. After all, the Irish blood still runs pretty strongly through my family's veins. Some more than others. For instance, my cousin. Because I grew up with her always around, she is more like my sister. While she is fantastically beautiful, terribly funny, and quite outgoing, she can drink you to the floor. With style. And I, can handle maybe 2 or 3 beers an hour without blacking out. Not much for the Irish side of me. My almost-sister was coming up for a visit!

With that being said, Her car was towed from our apartment's lot late in the evening. Given what a good sport she is about everything and her ability to take in stride just about anything, it might have been okay. But take into account that she was in a place where she hasn't been before, meeting a potential boyfriend, booze and one certain Sister-In-Law of hers, the situation=drama. And I knew it as I was sitting on the toilet, peeking out the blinds discovering that my cousin and her SIL's cars were being pulled out by a large truck. And the Boyfriend laughs when he finds the blinds stuck because I was peeking out of them. I don't even want to know how much more complicated it would have been if we discovered the tow many hours later.

I got up the courage and walked over to the pub where they were comfortably reveling in the evening. And my cousin says, as she always does "Are you kidding me?"
SIL hears this and gets the female pissed look. I know, because I have done it more than once. She takes the news bad, which I expect...and my cousin...starts to cry. Which I have seen maybe 3 or 4 times my whole life. SIL calls the tow number, and after about 1/2 hour of furious waiting, tears, and reassurances, the tow company calls, and says: "$200 to get your car back."

*&$^@ &^%#

SIL is so angry she will not look at me, and I lose it. These awesome people will never come visit me again because they parked in the lot and paid a ridiculously exorbitant fee for having a good time. Fantastic. I pissed off SIL, I made my cousin cry. Needless to say, my cousin didn't stay the night.
I'm still trying to figure out what the heck we're going to do. BF wants to call and yell at our landlords. For what? I don't know. Maybe hiring a tow company that charges fees that people in NYC don't even pay. They did tell us that people do get towed from the lot, but we have seen parties and their friends cars are parked there. And we never saw a single tow truck. This compounded with the fact that our kitchen ceiling looks like shit because the roof was leaking. We have let them know THREE times we want it taken care of over a 2-3 month period, and NO reply. Oh, maybe that our bathroom faucet STILL leaks, they said they repaired it, but it was untouched. How do I know? It still has the same problem as before. And the repair guy didn't believe me that there was a leak. You see, it only does it when you turn the hot to the cold. Not when you simply turn it on.

Augh. I'm tired of writing about this already.

I had a great day up until that whole shitty end.
Got up, made some awesome Irish soda bread, watched a parade while scarfing down Bailey's and coffee. Had a great corned beef, cabbage and potato dinner, And hung out at a pub across the street, all while not worrying about driving or anyone else driving.

I'm just pissed at myself because we told them that it would probably be okay if they parked there. And pissed that, in reality, there's really nothing we can do. The tow company didn't break any laws, and there are signs all over the lot. Pissed that Bf and I can't have visitors unless they move their car every 12 hours, or pay to park in a parking garage for a weekend. Pissed that this state is so people unfriendly. We knew that we never wanted to stay in this state.

Maybe we really have to get out of here. Sooner than we thought.

Thursday, March 15


1. I am reading blogs. It may be a sad attempt to escape my brain and jump into others without actual human interaction. Maybe.

2. Human interaction is dangerous this time of the month. Like seriously. I totally flipped a shit on the BF today cause he said I had too many clothes.

3. PMS (as said by BF: pumms), I have a crazy urge to just buy a crapload of junk. I say junk because I know it will be. And food. I want food.

4. Tired as hell. Up at 610. Which is another thing.

5. New job. Part time, which sucks. But I get paid well. Just got hired for another Part time somewhere else. Doesn't pay as well, but whatever. As you might tell, I'm not TERRIBLY thrilled about them. Don't get me wrong, they're exciting enough, but not what I WANT to do. I know, I'm such an unappreciative asshole. Computer work just doesn't get me the way other jobs would. Plus my wrist pain suddenly made a reappearance. greaaaaat.
p.s. Part time=no benefits.

5. Hoping that I won't be anal retentive this weekend. I might be. But I will try not to be.

Friday, February 9

A weird morning is when:

You are first woken up by someone asking if you would like to come in and interview with their agricultural consulting firm, (which is really something that looked interesting to you, and would love the challenge of working with farmers, but are mostly involved with another job that you really don't want because it's working with computers, but they might be giving you benefits....) and you say...

"um...maybe, can I call you back?"

And then while you are trying to recover and are chastising yourself for being such an idiot for f-ing up your chances for a really neat job, your boyfriend asks...
"Did we make-out last nite?" And you say...

" thought it was a dream too?"

And you realize after discussing how you kept falling asleep and how he was too warm in bed to get up to get the necessary items for such a deed that we both had just passed out.
I love my adventures.

Saturday, January 27

Ladies and Gentlemen, Winter is here:

This was a few or so ago, but as you can see, It's been pretty fricken cold.

I love snow, but can't stand the cold. As a matter of fact, right now, my hands are freezing and my hips are aching. what's that you say? Why no! I am only 22 years old and already addled by the annoyance of "cold weather aches."
*grumbles like a crazy old woman*

I would go take a hot shower, but I need to do laundry at my aunts house. But she smokes. So then I have to take a shower when I come I'll wait. The things you do when you're broke.

Oh! My mom came and visited the apartment!! I got to show it off to her and her friends. They were just here for the night, observing a school district for something. They were very impressed. Then we went to the British pub across the street. Very cozy, and welcoming. It was a perfect nite for a chat at the pub.

Last nite, the Boyfriend took me to a movie and out to the clubs. Yes, I said clubs. His buddies were out, and we usually go and meet them. The fiancee of one of his friends, was in a little little top...and it was pretty....but...she has pneumonia....and it's snowing and below freezing. *blink blink* Yeah....I don't know either. He says she thinks she's a celebrity. I will just take my friends stance and say "Whatever. It's all good. Whatever you want for you." (That friend is moving. To Detroit. Damn. I only met her a month ago at work, but...she's so FUN! ::sigh:: It's all good.)

And the movie? So sad, but really good. Pan's Labyrinth. It's sweet in a sad way. But the best part of last nite? It was all within walking distance. Even though it was freezing out, it wasn't a far walk. (As you can see, I'm still astounded by how close entertaining things are.)

Alright, I'm going to prepare myself for a sojourn to the Aunt's house for laundry and a visit. I hope she is feeling better.

Monday, January 15

A tale of ridiculous emotions.

Goodness grief, I forgot how much I like the title of this blog.

Today, I am writing just to blow off a little creative steam. Yesterday was terrible. It was good that I went shopping and cleaned nearly the entire apartment, but bad otherwise. I was so cranky and myself (!) that I had to go to bed at 8 pm. And I had gotten up at 11 am.
It was that bad.
I couldn't even be awake for 12 was...*counts* 9 hours. That's it.
Now I'm all ready to hear complaints of "Oh you're so lucky to get that much sleep..." But me? I'm all like, You're so lucky you can be a decent human being for span of a normal day. Poor C. gave me a call like a normal and decent boyfriend, and I practically stomped on his feelings with the sole of my worn out and dirty sneakers. I was actually at the supermarket trying not to get run over (a weekend, and an impending ice storm=crazy shoppers), and should have told him that I would call him back when I was at out of a public area.
Sometimes, I am not so smart.

Hopefully that's over with.

So, my mother is coming to visit our apartment. Now I'm doubly excited that I was productive on the domestic front this weekend. I have been wanting to show it off for sometime, but it's totally not ready for entertaining. No kitchen table, I mean, come on now. But! That's okay.
I have the feeling she will be impressed. Maybe I'm just hoping she'll give me the impression she's impressed.....yeah. That would be good. (In order to please me, just pretend. It's that easy folks.)

So plans for later include:
a little more laundry
Fajitas for dinner!!!
maybe cleaning the office
perhaps putting up artwork in the hallway/gallery

Woohoo. Time to get to work. *groan*
I wish you the best day free of the cranky (as for myself)