Thursday, April 30

Day 5 of non-stop physical activity: 3 days crossfit, 2 days dance. A machine I am!!

Wednesday, April 29

There is talk of a project at work in Long Island. It's for a hated client, but still. What an interesting cultural experience that would be. Trust me, it may be the same state, but it is defintly a different culture.

Tuesday, April 28

So.sore. Can't bend arms. Crossfit kicked my ass, put me in a rear naked choke, and demanded that I call it my lord and master. Cause it is.

Thursday, April 23


A trip back to the hometown....again.

A jewelry party to attend and business to take care of. I STILL have a bank account down there. Annoying. Taking the little bro to a band competition....ah..the duties of a big sister never cease. :o)

I tidied my computer area today and realized....I need a work area. I have so many crafts that there is not nearly enough space in this room I share with the Boy and his work area. Plus I have a huge stack of paintings and photos to hang. I think I have some phobia of putting holes in walls or something. This stack has sat here for quite a while.

::sigh:: Work in the AM and another 8-hour effort to make it seem like I have enough work to do.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

Saturday, April 18

Wow. Really regretting those 4 beers. And 4 shots....and a gin and tonic??


Friday, April 17

Trying out a new little feature...might make posting easier? Might make it an addiction. Too soon to tell.

A surprising number of references to kicking...

So, is anyone else having a rough day getting started?

It's reported that the temp is going to get to a scalding 67 degrees here, the sun is out, the sky is SO SO blue...::SIGH:: I feel like Charlie Brown not being able to kick the football....except that I can't go outside when its RIGHT. THERE.

I was laying in bed this morning, and we do not have a curtain or blind of any sort on one window. Our bed is also on the floor, which, in my opinion makes for quite a lovely view onto the branches of the nearby trees and straight on to the sky. Lovely.

In other news...things are better on the homefront.

In other, OTHER news, I will be going to an art gallery opening this weekend where the company I dance with will be performing. I haven't seen them perform yet so I'm excited. I think the co-director has taken a liking to me. She offered me this ticket when it was technically a "members-only" event. I love her. She's like a whole bunch of people I know in my life rolled into one. PLUS? She's 63 and she dances like she is definitely not. Hm...I suppose I have to dress up for this.

Alright. Friday, I'm comin' to kick the work day in the shins.

Thursday, April 16


1. Tomorrow is Friday. Finally.
2. I have dance tonite
3. I get a refund from my taxes
4. I made an online purcase for mothers day and a neat necklace for me!
5. The sun felt nice on my hour walk around today.

Tuesday, April 14

This is so strange. I keep feeling like I have to wake up. That nasty pit feeling you have after you wake after a bad dream? I want that to go away.

But I'm up. hoo boy, I've never been up like this before. Up at 430...and can't get back to sleep. THAT is so strange.

I woke up with his knees in my back...and moved strange...

Friday, April 10


Boo, I am terrible.

However, there is actually a good reason I did not post.
Ahem, I was out having fun!!

Crazy, right?? On a whim, a woman who used to work here and I have kept in touch with, invited me out with a few of her friends. We went to this fantastically overpriced tapas bar with very expensive cocktails, and it was GREAT. She affectionately refers to her best friends as "The Bitches." It was so nice to sit and observe their personalities. And mooch off their plates. Thanks!!

In work related news : the week without the manager is almost OVER! Phew. I can not even WAIT. I have been doing her job in addition to my job and it's pretty horrendous. One without the other is manageable, but there is no way I would work here if I had to do both. NO SIR. So, I'm eagerly dealing with clients and submitting to quoting projects WAY TOO LOW because of the Head Honcho (HH). I'm still at a loss at why HH is trying to make our program more "profitable" when he gives the lowest quotes I've ever heard of. The manager knows this and quotes accordingly. Psh, doing her job, who knew.
Okay. I'm done.

Plans for the Weekend:
-Free dance concert tonite at 7
-Picking up Uncle S tomorrow at 10
-Driving to hometown
-Taxes with Pop's help (I'm hopeless, I know.)
-Sunday Dinner with The Boy's mother
-Going to my family's house to pick up Uncle S
-Drive home

Whereas I was going to stay home and cook a meal for 4 here. But whatev. I guess we're young and blah blah blah.

Happy Death Day Everyone. (Why the hell do they call it GOOD Friday??)

Tuesday, April 7

Starting Now.

I'm going to try to blog for a month.

I haven't done it yet, and I would like to attempt to really get something going.

Basically cause ya, know, my life isn't boring enough that I have to put ONE person through it. I have to put OTHERS through it. HAH.

Smell Memory:
Nights at Greenwood, my grandparents country home, after the kitchen had been cleaned up from the day. I remember it smelled like dishsoap and overly toasty coffee. The coffee pot was turned on again to warm up the leftovers. The soft whirring of the dishwasher on the clean cycle. The only lights were the work light over the stove and the little pot lights over the sink making the room seem black and white from the light spilling onto the tiled floor.

I physically had to remove myself from near the kitchen at work to prevent myself from standing in the doorway and breathing deeply. This is a ritual I'm sure I will fall into. Even now, if I do the dishes and clean the kitchen after it is dark out, I turn on the dim light over the sink and nothing else, and it feels like a fully completed task.

No overly toasted coffee though.