Friday, April 10


Boo, I am terrible.

However, there is actually a good reason I did not post.
Ahem, I was out having fun!!

Crazy, right?? On a whim, a woman who used to work here and I have kept in touch with, invited me out with a few of her friends. We went to this fantastically overpriced tapas bar with very expensive cocktails, and it was GREAT. She affectionately refers to her best friends as "The Bitches." It was so nice to sit and observe their personalities. And mooch off their plates. Thanks!!

In work related news : the week without the manager is almost OVER! Phew. I can not even WAIT. I have been doing her job in addition to my job and it's pretty horrendous. One without the other is manageable, but there is no way I would work here if I had to do both. NO SIR. So, I'm eagerly dealing with clients and submitting to quoting projects WAY TOO LOW because of the Head Honcho (HH). I'm still at a loss at why HH is trying to make our program more "profitable" when he gives the lowest quotes I've ever heard of. The manager knows this and quotes accordingly. Psh, doing her job, who knew.
Okay. I'm done.

Plans for the Weekend:
-Free dance concert tonite at 7
-Picking up Uncle S tomorrow at 10
-Driving to hometown
-Taxes with Pop's help (I'm hopeless, I know.)
-Sunday Dinner with The Boy's mother
-Going to my family's house to pick up Uncle S
-Drive home

Whereas I was going to stay home and cook a meal for 4 here. But whatev. I guess we're young and blah blah blah.

Happy Death Day Everyone. (Why the hell do they call it GOOD Friday??)

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