Friday, April 17

A surprising number of references to kicking...

So, is anyone else having a rough day getting started?

It's reported that the temp is going to get to a scalding 67 degrees here, the sun is out, the sky is SO SO blue...::SIGH:: I feel like Charlie Brown not being able to kick the football....except that I can't go outside when its RIGHT. THERE.

I was laying in bed this morning, and we do not have a curtain or blind of any sort on one window. Our bed is also on the floor, which, in my opinion makes for quite a lovely view onto the branches of the nearby trees and straight on to the sky. Lovely.

In other news...things are better on the homefront.

In other, OTHER news, I will be going to an art gallery opening this weekend where the company I dance with will be performing. I haven't seen them perform yet so I'm excited. I think the co-director has taken a liking to me. She offered me this ticket when it was technically a "members-only" event. I love her. She's like a whole bunch of people I know in my life rolled into one. PLUS? She's 63 and she dances like she is definitely not. Hm...I suppose I have to dress up for this.

Alright. Friday, I'm comin' to kick the work day in the shins.

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