Saturday, June 27

Grace on Saturday

1. Walking around with the Boy downtown on a lovely night. Fair atmosphere and I'm not having a panic attack with all the people gathered.

2. Not worrying about what other people think.

3. Cupcakes waiting to be frosted!

4. Seeing happy people with their pets

5. A morning spent on the bay while my Aunt fished. Swans, ducks and their young alllllmost grown, a crane and several jumping carp.

Friday, June 26

Many things:

Watching: The weather rapidly go from Thunderstorm to Sun to Thunderstorm in less than 5 hours. oh look, here's the rain.

Listening: Silence, beautiful silence at the office.

Waiting: To go out on a site visit. Yes, in the rain. Oh look, lightning!

Fretting: Work life just got crazy.

Confused: A mother from the dance studio the Boy's Mother runs just accused me of having to pull her YOUNGER daughter out of the studio because I showed the Boy's Mother that the OLDER daughter called the Boy's Mother some nasty things....on Facebook. Of which I was friends with her. Of which she knows I am dating the dance teachers son. People, the internet is never safe. I'm not worried, I'm pretty darn sure the Boy's Mother doesn't want to deal with that mother anymore.

Excited: for the weekend! Woohoo!

Thursday, June 25

Missing my Leo-kitty...this was taken ages ago when I lived at home.

This was in March. I miss his little head. He was pretty sick at this point, but last Sunday he couldn't get up to greet us at the door. ::sigh:: 15 years as an underfoot, loving, forgiving, comforting presence. I will remember the guy always.

Tuesday, June 23

Tuesday Thanks

1. My window seat at work.
2. The fact that my poor old man kitty doesn't have to suffer anymore.
3. That I was asked to be a part of the dance company I have been taking lessons from and will get to perform.
4. Site visits out of the office on nice days.
5. Water. Man, I love water.

In a dream last night, I had heard that I was going to be laid off. The Friday afternoon type-of-layoff. I remember being SO PISSED OFF. I love waking up from dreams like that, the relief is just so amazing.

Saturday, June 20

Grease 2

Really? ...really?!?

Man. this is pretty bad. "Reproduction" is a SONG. So weird.

Friday, June 19

Work with a Window

Rainy, yellow-gray, chilly looking kind of day here.

I got new digs where I work. Check it out:

Note: This photo was not taken today.

Not too much to look at, but I get a lot of light. The only thing unnerving about this side of the building is that I see a great many planes coming in for a landing in a nearby airport. And um, they look close. And we have tall buildings in the city. Am I the only one that gets a vague "oh, my -- that plane shouldn't be that low" type of feeling? It might be because of that day in high school then we watched planes running into buildings on TV on REPEAT THE WHOLE DAY. I guess that image stuck with me more than I thought.