Sunday, March 25

Just some things

I've been thinking about:
1. Visiting the Alameda Flea/West End Market
2. Attempting to work at a coffee/tea shop again
3. Getting a sewing machine
4. Organizing my closets (!!!)
5. Black boots. I really want an all around go-to pair I can pair with jeans, skinny pants, and skirts. I haven't had much luck in the past 3 shopping trips I've done just for boots. Any recommendations?
6. Work. It's going to be a busy week.

Saturday, March 17

Corned beef in my new Dutch oven!

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My dress, his shoes

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Weekend of Green and Recovery

Completed this week:
1. An elusive site visit in the Tenderloin.
2. Whiskey Pound Cake via: Oh The Cuteness! (I um, used a really, really strong whiskey.)
3. And sent off a loaf to the homefront for St. Patty's Day tasting.
4. Salads!
5. Delicious Leek and Lemon Poached Chicken over teeny bowties.
6. Laundry. Yes, all of it.
7. A practically spotless kitchen!
8. Holding off a killer cold. (with lots of naps. mmm, naps.)

Weekend Plans:
1. Corned Beef, cabbage and taters.
2. Guinness.
2. Irish soda bread (not the real kind, the stuff with currants and caraway)
3. Brown Bread (to go with meals)
4. I want to do coffee blondies, but ran out of brown sugar.
5. Store, to get more brown sugar.
6. Still need a shelf/workstation for my printer and various papers I've been collecting.
7. Yoga?
8. Craft fair Sunday. Woo!

Wednesday, March 14


1. Rain - even though I need to be on roofs. The area needed rain.
2. Seedlings in my rosemary and chamomile planter!
3. Hot tea for sore throats.
4. I get to go to a celebratory BBQ for the release of!!
5. Hot showers after a thorough soaking during work.

Sunday, March 4


1. Herb seeds freshly planted.
2. Fresh food in the fridge, soup in the cabinet.
3. Redwall cookbook to send to my brother and my niece
4. Sun and 70 degree day.
5. Sunday permission to ignore work.