Tuesday, August 18


Well, in a way. I received a call from a county health department nurse.

Her: We just wanted to give you a call, normal procedure for communicable disease.
Me: Um, I'm sorry, what?
Her: Oh, we got a call regarding your lab information testing positive for salmonella?
Me: Oh, hm, alright, they didn't call me. But thanks for letting me know!

Ya see, I was pretty out of commission for about a week. Specifically, the lower end of my digestive system was not cooperating. I went to a walk in and was prescribed antibiotics for a "potential food poisoning." I slowly recovered. However, I didn't hear anything, so I just assumed it was my body rejecting caffeine, dairy, whatever.

I can have coffee again!!!

So, this nurse has a questionnaire to go thru with me, I'm sure regarding what I ate and where. We'll see what happens with that and if anyone else got sick.

Friday, August 14

So much Grace

1. It's Friday!

2. The quiet stillness of the office before 8am.

3. Showers. Sweet, sweet showers.

4. Perrin's little leg sticking out from under his blankets this morning before I woke him up and he hid once more.

5. My jaunty red and white striped t-shirt I haven't worn in ages.

And because I'm in a good mood, here's more:

6. Being asked to do a reading for my cousin's wedding next year. Aw!

7. Washing our new cars tonite!

8. All the cold, cold beer in the fridge and the red wine in the wine rack.

9. Payday!

10. A business trip to Phoenix in December.

Sunday, August 9


1. A quiet weekend of sleeping in.

2. The sound of the wind in the trees before a rain storm.

3. Being able to go into the office tomorrow to catch up.

4. Going to a party and managing not to over indulge (even though there was fresh salsa ans guacamole that was AMAZING).

5. The feeling of a creative dance in the back of my mind. It's there...not ready yet, but someday.