Wednesday, November 4

  • Sleep is much much too addicting.
  • M&Ms are also addicting.
  • So is the smell, warmth, and taste of coffee.
  • Trying to get interested in doing dishes before dinner is more than a bit of a challenge.
  • Thinking of a million things.
  • new friend(?) from work asked how I was doing, because yesterday I was so sad.
  • Contemplating how poor I really am right now.
  • Wanting a dog (an older, wiser dog, no puppies. yes, I am aware puppies come before wise dogs.)
  • Dreadfully missing the background noise of my parents house. It has the comforting "lived in" spirit that my little apartment does not have yet (tho I suspect it is because there are not 5 human beings in it.)
  • For a start, I will turn on my Ipod, start a chili to simmer and play some rock band. There. Progress.

Monday, November 2


The wife of a man I work with died on Saturday. It's a pretty sobering time, she was only 44 with two young kids. I'm really debating on whether to go to the calling hours. I never knew her, but I want to show my support.

Augh. Dying happens, but it surely sucks sometimes.

Sunday, November 1


It was a successful Halloween party (with me leaving to go downtown, PARTY FOUL! Although, I came back in a cab shortly after I got there).

We have so much alcohol left over, I have no idea how. We had so many shots and bottles of beer. We played a game where we wrote out semi-common sayings and handed them out. Then when someone was caught saying it they had to take a shot.It worked out because it was spaced out pretty well.

However, now I am hurting. I managed to get up and go dance at the choreographers critique session (I'm still shocked I managed ok). There was one point where I messed up and hesitated, and I know I'm going to be "scolded" for it. Bah, I just need more confidence. There were a lot of cool pieces and very physical pieces, something I would like to do more of. Perhaps when I get bold and ask if I can choreograph something.....I have a feeling that won't happen for a few years.

Well, after quite the eventful October, I'm looking forward to this month which seems relatively quiet with the exception of Thanksgiving and my birthday. Which, for some reason, I have no interest in planning anything for it. I would like dinner, perhaps some nice silver hoops, and a massage. Yes, I definitely want a massage.

I have quite an interesting week ahead of me. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read in bed with my hedgehog. He's in need of some attention :oD

Monday, October 26


Okay. I'm going to try again this year. It's not going to work of course, but I think I'm on some sort of "Manic" bender right now. This month has been a whirlwind of travels and visiting and excursions. (Yuengling brewery tour? So fun!)

So, I think, seeing as it is my 25th anniversary of life in November, my "theme" is going to be 25. I'm thinking lists...wish lists, life lists, memory lists...probably not every day though. HA. I am going to try photos and perhaps some recipes.

Grand ideas, it will be great if I cam keep committed!

Tuesday, August 18


Well, in a way. I received a call from a county health department nurse.

Her: We just wanted to give you a call, normal procedure for communicable disease.
Me: Um, I'm sorry, what?
Her: Oh, we got a call regarding your lab information testing positive for salmonella?
Me: Oh, hm, alright, they didn't call me. But thanks for letting me know!

Ya see, I was pretty out of commission for about a week. Specifically, the lower end of my digestive system was not cooperating. I went to a walk in and was prescribed antibiotics for a "potential food poisoning." I slowly recovered. However, I didn't hear anything, so I just assumed it was my body rejecting caffeine, dairy, whatever.

I can have coffee again!!!

So, this nurse has a questionnaire to go thru with me, I'm sure regarding what I ate and where. We'll see what happens with that and if anyone else got sick.

Friday, August 14

So much Grace

1. It's Friday!

2. The quiet stillness of the office before 8am.

3. Showers. Sweet, sweet showers.

4. Perrin's little leg sticking out from under his blankets this morning before I woke him up and he hid once more.

5. My jaunty red and white striped t-shirt I haven't worn in ages.

And because I'm in a good mood, here's more:

6. Being asked to do a reading for my cousin's wedding next year. Aw!

7. Washing our new cars tonite!

8. All the cold, cold beer in the fridge and the red wine in the wine rack.

9. Payday!

10. A business trip to Phoenix in December.

Sunday, August 9


1. A quiet weekend of sleeping in.

2. The sound of the wind in the trees before a rain storm.

3. Being able to go into the office tomorrow to catch up.

4. Going to a party and managing not to over indulge (even though there was fresh salsa ans guacamole that was AMAZING).

5. The feeling of a creative dance in the back of my mind. It's there...not ready yet, but someday.

Saturday, June 27

Grace on Saturday

1. Walking around with the Boy downtown on a lovely night. Fair atmosphere and I'm not having a panic attack with all the people gathered.

2. Not worrying about what other people think.

3. Cupcakes waiting to be frosted!

4. Seeing happy people with their pets

5. A morning spent on the bay while my Aunt fished. Swans, ducks and their young alllllmost grown, a crane and several jumping carp.

Friday, June 26

Many things:

Watching: The weather rapidly go from Thunderstorm to Sun to Thunderstorm in less than 5 hours. oh look, here's the rain.

Listening: Silence, beautiful silence at the office.

Waiting: To go out on a site visit. Yes, in the rain. Oh look, lightning!

Fretting: Work life just got crazy.

Confused: A mother from the dance studio the Boy's Mother runs just accused me of having to pull her YOUNGER daughter out of the studio because I showed the Boy's Mother that the OLDER daughter called the Boy's Mother some nasty things....on Facebook. Of which I was friends with her. Of which she knows I am dating the dance teachers son. People, the internet is never safe. I'm not worried, I'm pretty darn sure the Boy's Mother doesn't want to deal with that mother anymore.

Excited: for the weekend! Woohoo!

Thursday, June 25

Missing my Leo-kitty...this was taken ages ago when I lived at home.

This was in March. I miss his little head. He was pretty sick at this point, but last Sunday he couldn't get up to greet us at the door. ::sigh:: 15 years as an underfoot, loving, forgiving, comforting presence. I will remember the guy always.

Tuesday, June 23

Tuesday Thanks

1. My window seat at work.
2. The fact that my poor old man kitty doesn't have to suffer anymore.
3. That I was asked to be a part of the dance company I have been taking lessons from and will get to perform.
4. Site visits out of the office on nice days.
5. Water. Man, I love water.

In a dream last night, I had heard that I was going to be laid off. The Friday afternoon type-of-layoff. I remember being SO PISSED OFF. I love waking up from dreams like that, the relief is just so amazing.

Saturday, June 20

Grease 2

Really? ...really?!?

Man. this is pretty bad. "Reproduction" is a SONG. So weird.

Friday, June 19

Work with a Window

Rainy, yellow-gray, chilly looking kind of day here.

I got new digs where I work. Check it out:

Note: This photo was not taken today.

Not too much to look at, but I get a lot of light. The only thing unnerving about this side of the building is that I see a great many planes coming in for a landing in a nearby airport. And um, they look close. And we have tall buildings in the city. Am I the only one that gets a vague "oh, my -- that plane shouldn't be that low" type of feeling? It might be because of that day in high school then we watched planes running into buildings on TV on REPEAT THE WHOLE DAY. I guess that image stuck with me more than I thought.

Tuesday, May 19

NYC and the mountains

For 4 nights, 5 days.

SO excited.

Nightlife there is so rich, it's intimidating.


Next weekend - Adirondack camping! super excited about this too. I will be driving through the park for work and remembered I've never camped there. It's time to change that. Man, I love being an adult. Vacations whenever possible. (I don't even have to take Friday off work because I'm driving up there for work! Score!)

My cousin will also be joining me. He just graduated from ESF so he sounded stoked to go too. This way I don't be allllll by myself in the woods. heh heh. Mr. ESF said he would bring a canoe and hammock and a big skillet. I've got a tent and fire starters. we're all set! hehe

Sunday, May 17


I just washed my hedgehog. That little dude gets into more trouble in his little plastic cage than you would think. Apparently he cut himself or skinned himself a tad somewhere because there's a bit of hardened skin under his neck. I thought it might be just some crud stuck to him, so I gave him a soak. He haaaaates it. I had to fill up the little tub quite a bit because it was so high up on his body. He got all tuckered out and curled up in a ball when I flipped him over to check out the "thing." I know it means they are uncomfortable or scared, but hooboy is it cute!

I feel emotional this week (the PMS as the Boy calls it). So here's some stream of consciousness:

So take that deep breath
take that first step
into that shimmering pond of insecurity.
Wading out to where it starts to get cool
creeping up your legs to send chills down your spine.

Gaze into the depth
just to try and grasp
the endless fathoms of the unknown.
As your legs give way to push off your solid ground
your head, your mind becomes enclosed in a sudden chill.

and for the briefest moment -
you feel panic
the tightening in your chest
of the potential for something to go very very wrong here.

But your eyes are closed

and your arms are outstretched

and you release that first breath

and you are fine.

Floating to the top of the doubt, the chill, the unknown.

Friday, May 8

Someone put me in a time warp please. I need about 10 hours of sleep to make it to 5 pm today.

Monday, May 4

A meme ...I stole

What are your current obsessions?
Working out, talking about working out....and vacations. I can not take enough vacations.

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear the most often?
Besides jeans, A black old navy tank top with the built in shelf bra. When I do wear it, i wear it for about 72 hours straight...and only take it off when I can smell it.

What's for dinner?
Uhm. Probably cheese and crackers. I'm not really one for making dinner.

What is your greatest fear at the moment?
That I will never have children

What are you listening to?
Hum of computers....again. I'm in our office at home.

If you were a god/goddess what would you be?
Athena. She's awesome.

What are your favourite holiday spots?
Well, I would say home, but it's more like...visiting. to REALLY go on holiday I would have to go camping or to the bach.

What are you reading right now?
The Robert Jordan books (ongoing), the life of Pi (still on first chapter) and an ocean book by Rachel Carson(when I'm feeling bookish)

What is your guilty pleasure?
potato chips. SO bad for you, but I love them.

Who or what makes you laugh?
Colin, clients when they think they are getting their way.

What is your favourite spring thing to do?
Sleep. Okay, fine. Dance! or read.

Where are you planning to travel next?
NYC Baby! co- Best friend - here I come!

What is the best thing you ate or drank lately?
uhm..this fake kool-aid is pretty damn tasty after not having water ALL DAY.

When was the last time you were tipsy?
Yesterday. atttt...5:38. We stopped at applebees after the ballet.

What is your favorite ever film?
Prolly Secret of NIMH

What is the biggest life lesson you've learned from your kids?
Um, I THINK it will be how to sacrifice and to be a little less selfless.

What book do you know you should read but refuse to?
I can't REFUSE to read anything really....just depends on if it's awful and I can't get into it.

What is your physical abnormality/abnormal physical ability?
I have a little do-hicky-thing nearmy ear. It's just a tiny bump and I totally forget it's there.

What is your favourite color?

Best decade for fashion/music/movies?

Thursday, April 30

Day 5 of non-stop physical activity: 3 days crossfit, 2 days dance. A machine I am!!

Wednesday, April 29

There is talk of a project at work in Long Island. It's for a hated client, but still. What an interesting cultural experience that would be. Trust me, it may be the same state, but it is defintly a different culture.

Tuesday, April 28

So.sore. Can't bend arms. Crossfit kicked my ass, put me in a rear naked choke, and demanded that I call it my lord and master. Cause it is.

Thursday, April 23


A trip back to the hometown....again.

A jewelry party to attend and business to take care of. I STILL have a bank account down there. Annoying. Taking the little bro to a band competition....ah..the duties of a big sister never cease. :o)

I tidied my computer area today and realized....I need a work area. I have so many crafts that there is not nearly enough space in this room I share with the Boy and his work area. Plus I have a huge stack of paintings and photos to hang. I think I have some phobia of putting holes in walls or something. This stack has sat here for quite a while.

::sigh:: Work in the AM and another 8-hour effort to make it seem like I have enough work to do.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

Saturday, April 18

Wow. Really regretting those 4 beers. And 4 shots....and a gin and tonic??


Friday, April 17

Trying out a new little feature...might make posting easier? Might make it an addiction. Too soon to tell.

A surprising number of references to kicking...

So, is anyone else having a rough day getting started?

It's reported that the temp is going to get to a scalding 67 degrees here, the sun is out, the sky is SO SO blue...::SIGH:: I feel like Charlie Brown not being able to kick the football....except that I can't go outside when its RIGHT. THERE.

I was laying in bed this morning, and we do not have a curtain or blind of any sort on one window. Our bed is also on the floor, which, in my opinion makes for quite a lovely view onto the branches of the nearby trees and straight on to the sky. Lovely.

In other news...things are better on the homefront.

In other, OTHER news, I will be going to an art gallery opening this weekend where the company I dance with will be performing. I haven't seen them perform yet so I'm excited. I think the co-director has taken a liking to me. She offered me this ticket when it was technically a "members-only" event. I love her. She's like a whole bunch of people I know in my life rolled into one. PLUS? She's 63 and she dances like she is definitely not. Hm...I suppose I have to dress up for this.

Alright. Friday, I'm comin' to kick the work day in the shins.

Thursday, April 16


1. Tomorrow is Friday. Finally.
2. I have dance tonite
3. I get a refund from my taxes
4. I made an online purcase for mothers day and a neat necklace for me!
5. The sun felt nice on my hour walk around today.

Tuesday, April 14

This is so strange. I keep feeling like I have to wake up. That nasty pit feeling you have after you wake after a bad dream? I want that to go away.

But I'm up. hoo boy, I've never been up like this before. Up at 430...and can't get back to sleep. THAT is so strange.

I woke up with his knees in my back...and moved strange...

Friday, April 10


Boo, I am terrible.

However, there is actually a good reason I did not post.
Ahem, I was out having fun!!

Crazy, right?? On a whim, a woman who used to work here and I have kept in touch with, invited me out with a few of her friends. We went to this fantastically overpriced tapas bar with very expensive cocktails, and it was GREAT. She affectionately refers to her best friends as "The Bitches." It was so nice to sit and observe their personalities. And mooch off their plates. Thanks!!

In work related news : the week without the manager is almost OVER! Phew. I can not even WAIT. I have been doing her job in addition to my job and it's pretty horrendous. One without the other is manageable, but there is no way I would work here if I had to do both. NO SIR. So, I'm eagerly dealing with clients and submitting to quoting projects WAY TOO LOW because of the Head Honcho (HH). I'm still at a loss at why HH is trying to make our program more "profitable" when he gives the lowest quotes I've ever heard of. The manager knows this and quotes accordingly. Psh, doing her job, who knew.
Okay. I'm done.

Plans for the Weekend:
-Free dance concert tonite at 7
-Picking up Uncle S tomorrow at 10
-Driving to hometown
-Taxes with Pop's help (I'm hopeless, I know.)
-Sunday Dinner with The Boy's mother
-Going to my family's house to pick up Uncle S
-Drive home

Whereas I was going to stay home and cook a meal for 4 here. But whatev. I guess we're young and blah blah blah.

Happy Death Day Everyone. (Why the hell do they call it GOOD Friday??)

Tuesday, April 7

Starting Now.

I'm going to try to blog for a month.

I haven't done it yet, and I would like to attempt to really get something going.

Basically cause ya, know, my life isn't boring enough that I have to put ONE person through it. I have to put OTHERS through it. HAH.

Smell Memory:
Nights at Greenwood, my grandparents country home, after the kitchen had been cleaned up from the day. I remember it smelled like dishsoap and overly toasty coffee. The coffee pot was turned on again to warm up the leftovers. The soft whirring of the dishwasher on the clean cycle. The only lights were the work light over the stove and the little pot lights over the sink making the room seem black and white from the light spilling onto the tiled floor.

I physically had to remove myself from near the kitchen at work to prevent myself from standing in the doorway and breathing deeply. This is a ritual I'm sure I will fall into. Even now, if I do the dishes and clean the kitchen after it is dark out, I turn on the dim light over the sink and nothing else, and it feels like a fully completed task.

No overly toasted coffee though.

Sunday, March 29


1. Spring rains
2. Lazy Sunday without plans
3. Waffles!
4. waking the Boy with a cuddle
5. It's warm enough not to wear socks in the house!

Food and SUGAR!

So remember that whole thing where I was going to blog about food?

Right. Well...maybe there will be now that I've seen this blog....Diet, Dessert and Dogs.

I guess this is her new website and in order to get some constructive criticism (she's brave asking it of the internet!), she's giving away pure maple syrup!! ::drool:: Now, I'm jumping on this opportunity...because, yes it is expensive, but I don't care. It's all I will eat on my breakfast food. Ever since my grandfather made his own maple syrup and handed out jars to the family, I've never been able to go back to the fake stuff. In fact, I would love to be able to make syrup of my own one day when I have a house.

But until then...I will enjoy using others maple syrup for tasty recipes like the Maple Cupcakes. Oh YUM!

Sunday, March 22

A Week off of Work


Woke up earlier than the Boy (even tho he had to work) and got myself to Yoga at the gym. I have not been to the gym in at least 4 weeks, and I continue to pay. So, it was my plan to go and go to the gym twice that day. I was so sore after my "yoga practice" that I did not return. Of course.


Had an appointment where I found out I may have to have boob surgery (nothing serious). Then drove 2.5 hours to home town to visit my home girl from high school. Proceeded to stuff myself silly with all of our favorite foods from our favorite cafe, bubble tea and snacks. Became very jealous of her and her girlfriends very complete plan for their future. Called the boy to remind him to just take out the recycling. That's all I need done. "Okay, but I'll prolly forget." Stopped to dance with the Boys mother at her studio....touched my foot to my head and then got a severe cramp in my back. Go figure. Went back to hang with homegirl and family. Took a nice soak in the hot tub and passed out under a homemade quilt at her mother's house.


Woke early and watched some early morning "peppy TV!!!" shows. Decided that I was glad I do not have time on normal mornings to watch tv before work. Had some coffee, fruit salad for breakfast helped the homegirl's girlfriend make guacamole...and nearly devoured the whole bowl. We wanted to find some greeting cards that have the seeds in the paper (so you can just plant it) at a local artsy shop. No luck, but a lot of material envy because I had no money to waste on material things. Drove back home upstate and heard phone ringing. It was work. Listened to message from boss "I know you are having surgery this week...but we just got really swamped and thought you would only be hurting for a little bit so we need you to come in." He was joking. Got home...recyling was not taken out. Futzed around...organizing things for the next day...the Boy took me to get jello and pudding. Paced around until bedtime.


The day of oral surgery. Boy had the day off....we were both up too early, left early for the appointment. "Oh we are running behind" and forked over the $715 that the insurance wouldn't pay for. Rush of adrenaline every.time. door opens. By the time I am called in 45 min later I have none left. "How are you today?" the nurse asks. I answer with a brief 'ok'.

I walk into the surgery room...not so bad, don't see any immediate torture devices. Mention that my left arm has a better vein. Dentist manages to get IV into the back of my right hand after painful tapping. "tap, tap, tap" Um, I have bad hands, that really hurts..."I'm just finding a vein." No duh. After some prodding on his part, grimacing on my part, it's done. I take a few deep breaths and wonder when the drugs kick in. The dentist injects something into the IV line....5, 4, 3, 2,1. I mention that it kicks in fast. A oxygen tube is put in my nose, I try to shake it off. Getting sleepy...I mumble I'm going to sleep now...and the nurse agrees.

Hm, are my eyes opening? I frantically try and let them know I'm awake...I sure hope they are done by now. "Yes dear, you are supposed to be awake now." I vaguely remember them making me sit in a wheelchair to the recovery room. I am hiccuping madly. I apologise for this to the Boy and to the dr coming in. "The medicine usually has that effect." No idea how long I sat there, the Boy went for the car and I was wheeled out to the car. By this time I realized I couldn't talk so I pointed to my face because I knew they would forget my glasses. Nurse returns with the glasses. I have no memory of the car ride home. or getting settled. I freaked out at one point because I couldn't swallow the pain pill because of the copious amounts of novacaine and the gauze that was covering my tounge. (instead of two pieces of gauze, they used one). The Boy is amazing and put in the Secret of NIMH which we watched together and took my mind off the slowly denumbing mouth. Sat in a haze for a long time, read, iced my face, watched tv, had lots of pain pills.


Boy goes back to work, my mother arrives. " are so swollen!" Bustles right in with all her motherly awesomeness (she looks dressy and smells nice) and does the dishes and vaccums. I can't really chat still so I watch a lot of TV and snooze. I want to get out of the house so we go to the store so she can make me soup. Come home, snooze some more. The boy comes home ("did she vaccum?) and my mom goes to visit and old friend. I'm glad she can visit with her friend. the Boy and I go out to the store again because I want some games. he buys Pass the Pigs and 10 dice for 2 bucks. We buy the dice because the only Yahtzee game they have is 21 DOLLARS. Please. When we come home I print out the Yahtzee score cards from the internet. Mom and I play a game before bed.


My mom goes to pick up her brother from the group home he lives in so he can spend the day with us. He looks at all the pictures on Facebook of our family while we rearrange the guest bedroom. Mom, the Boy and I manage without too much bickering. Now we just need real mattresses. Mom spent the night on a crappy air mattress. My mom, my uncle and I take a walk to the playground. He charges up the play structure and heads for the biggest slide. However he spends the rest of the time on the swings which he clearly excells at. We have tasty BBQ for dinner and head our to take my uncle back to his group home...he is very sad. We promise we will come again soon. We head out to the stores to look for a bedroom set for the guest room. Mom buys all the linens and some neat boxes and I am going to buy mattresses. No good mattresses where we go. Ma has to sleep on another air mattress.

all in all, it was a nice week off. I'm very excited (and determined) not to make any more guests sleep on air mattresses while they are here. I swear, next time there will be real mattresses! But I am very excited about getting the guest room all together, it has a tree theme (what else). Also very excited to get back to dancing. Here's to hoping I can survive this work week!

Sunday, February 22

Grace, Grace

1. Seeing sparrows peek over the edge of the window in the bedroom.
2. More quilt completed in addition to more kinds of fabric washed and cut.
3. The boy wanting to make a "home" for the hedgehog...out of paper maché.
4. Slow-cooker soup.
5. Getting to bed early.

The dining room table..."craft area."

Pieces of the quilt.

Saturday, February 21


It's been chock-full of going ons!
Got up early to the sound of knocking on our door at 930. We had forgotten that we were getting a new furnace!
So apparently, my cat is utterly afraid of unfamiliar people now. Once the repair guy had started work I had to go rescue the cat from his hiding a little nook in the ceiling of the basement. How he gets up there, I'm sure I'll never know. He mainly stayed upstairs the whole time....things got a bit, uh, tense when it had been over 5 hours he hadn't been downstairs. Old man cat had to go. It wasn't pretty. He wouldn't go downstairs so we ended up picking up all the carpets and locking him in the bathroom. Poor guy.

But we have a new efficient furnace that doesn't belch carbon monoxide into our house! yay! Ha. Yeah, the exhaust pipe had disconnected and was quietly trying to kill us. Thank goodness code requires CO dectedors in apartments! It's all good now, just means we get to havelower heating bills now!

Went to JoAnn's for more fabric for the quilt I have started. I miscounted the number of pieces I needed to cut. I like that part, picking out and touching everything. Yes. I know it's just fabric, but I have a tactile sense of things. I touch everything. And have been known to smell cards and books. So, I hope you're not OCD about that sorta thing. Sorry.

I finally made the Moosewood Cookbook's Apple Cottage Cheese Pancakes. I had been eying that recipe for years. Then, like a fool, I started the recipe and attempted to "beat the egg whites 'til stiff" by hand. Fool. My wrists are killin me. The taste was...interesting. I may have needed more apple, less cheese. But it was AWESOME with the NYS maple syrup we just restocked on.

The Boy bought the street fighters game for xbox. And, I must say, I can hold my own against Mr. Video-Game-Guru. It's fun. :oD Plus he says things like "you're the best girlfriend ever" after I do a Super combination and laugh like villain.

Now, I'm considering more Chinese food and more violent video games..."TIGER KNEE!"

Wednesday, February 18

who's got some??

Well. I have been at work one hour and have glanced at a project folder.

Stupid internet.

1. I sewed three strips of my quilt last night!
2. Leftover bean dip for lunch.
3. More sewing tonight, three more rows perhaps?
4. New bath rugs....cause my ancient cat pooed on the others....
5. um...sewing.

I actually don't want to do anything other than make that quilt. It's my first one and I am sensing a dangerous spiral into a new hobby. A new, time consuming, expensive hobby.

Also....I sound like a cat lady, approximately 68.4 years old in this post. Sewing, quilts and cats.

Tuesday, February 17

Grace in Small Things

1. These heels don't make my feet hurt!
2. Getting a report off my desk.
3. A hummus, cucumber and cheese sandwich for lunch.
4. Taco night!
5. Snuggles with The Boy.

Wednesday, February 11

Sage advice from....

Work hard, play hard. - My dad on the college experience.

Even if you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice. - Geddy Lee (Actually, this quote might have been in the same card from my dad when I went away to college. He's an awesome dad.)

Remember who you are and what you represent or written: RWYAAWYR. - My mother when I would leave the house...and to my friends. I think she realized it was good advice early on. I don't think anyone minded the reminder either.

Tuesday, February 10

Watch "The Secret of NIMH" next time you're home sick!

Cause it's a cute cartoon, fun to watch, a tiny bit of action, nothing too emotional though, and slightly thought provoking. What IF animals really do communicate?! I love it.

Thursday, February 5

When I started using the Internet

The very FIRST memory I have of using the internet was when my dad showed us we could track santa's trip around the world.When I regularly started using it it was to talk to my friends through AIM. Screw the telephone, I was on the computer until 1130 or 12 when I was in 9th grade. Then in 11th grade, the internet became my main pathway of communication to my computer-savvy college boyfriend. He showed me how friggin limitless it was. He still does actually. Thanks internet!!! lol


Feeling wired.
Although, only on one cup of coffee and about 24 oz. of water.
Trying to drink more skin and lips were VRY dry...and I was feeling, in the words of a friend - "cellulite-y." She says she is drinking a GALLON a day. Do you know how much water that is??? SIXTEEN cups. If I push myself, I get about nine cups. I think my brain would drown.

A 14-year old is suspected of shooting a cop in the head here. That's younger than my youngest brother. WTF.
Everyone keeps saying how "psycotic" he must be because despite all the programs available to assist youth and keep them out of gangs and drugs in the area, he still "slipped thru the cracks."

My 17-year old cousin is in chemo. WTF. I think of her a lot.

Three weddings for my cousins within the next year. Whoa.

Monday, February 2

I'll sing these songs at a karaoke bar if..

you blindfold me, give me many many drinks and tell me I am sitting in my car.

Inside out by Eve 6

The embarrassing part of the song comes when I would try to sing two people's parts at the same time.

Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer

I'm slightly tone-deaf and this song is slightly tedious. Double whammy.

I love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

I would need a lot of whiskey for this one because I really don't have a rock and roll voice.

Tuesday, January 27

If I were a superhero, I would certainly wear tights

The Optimator - bringing cheers and beers to the down around the world.

Thursday, January 15


Man, I have got the winter blues bad.
All I keep thinking about it family and how much I just want to chill out and veg.

I started my "new years" cleaning yesterday. I haven't cleaned since my parents were here at the beginning of November. It's lookin pretty grody.

My friends mother will be up here for a training seminar in two weeks, so I figured I better start now. It's just so annoying cause in order to do one thing you have to do another that needs something else done first. augh. Like rearranging the living room. It's such an awkward rectangle and the incoming traffic flow goes right thru the middle. Not to mention the outlets in weird places.

SO: for my sanity (and because I love procrastinating)
1) Living Room
- pick up dishes, misc,
- find a way to store electronic stuff (metal rack from office?)
-hang pictures
2) Dining Room
- pick up stuff from table and buffet
- Hang curtains
- find table cloth?
3) Kitchen
- Find a kitchen cart to reorganize for more counter space
- clean pots and pans
- clean spice jars
- find storage options
- bring stuff up to attic
- neaten desks
- space for crafts?
5)Spare Room
- wash floor
6) Bedroom
- wash sheets
- wash comforters (laundromat)
7) Basement
- clean cat doo and misc.

See? it's a little overwhelming.

Plus today is like -6354 degress (not really, it's 11) and everything in my body aches. Except maybe my belly.

::sigh:: one more day of work before the weekend...

Monday, January 12


I think -- I work purely for vacations. I can't wait to plan them, to travel to them...yep.

I's like to plan out my FOUR weeks of awesome non-working time, however I do have to narrow my list down a tad:
- New Orleans to visit my cousin
- the beach
- camping (multiple times)
- Virginia (for a wedding)
- the Northwest (Seattle/Oregon and the like)
- Florida
- the mid-west? I'd like to see my best friend again. I have to take time off for my mouth surgery. Boo.

Monday, January 5


I had a falling out of sorts with music since college.
I remember in high school, I would always say that I "couldn't live without it."
When I moved home halfway through college, I don't remember being that compelled to turn on music every time there was silence.
I still don't get that persistent itch to have music on all the time, but once in a while, I just wanna turn some up loud.

So now I am on a quest to find some awesome tunes to keep me occupied. It's tough, because it's going to have to be an honest-to-goodness search. I'm pretty tired of most of the music I have in my library. Mostly because it is pretty angsty.

I'm over angsty.

I'm also over slowly getting chubby. I'm going to dance class twice a week starting tomorrow. Yes, that includes the gym I already belong to. No, I'm not rich. I just realize I can't be lazy and sometimes have to "sacrifice." I say that in quotes because I don't really care about money (shh...don't tell the Boy). I miss being creative, so hopefully it will help me relax and enjoy the year. So now, I'm off to work on my lazy butt.

P.S. Smelly cat is on my lap. pe-yew.

Sunday, January 4

Easy Sunday

Here I am, again.
On the computer with my little old man cat keeping each other warm.
We have to kinda cut back on our energy, we have been using a BIT too much.

I have to call my neighbor today to let him know that he needs to get in touch with his buddy at the auto repair place. I have to bring my car in and he has to pay cause his wife broke my car door. Oops. Anyway, I hope they can work it out. I don't want to get all nasty and mean to have it paid for.

Listening to the Robert Plant and Allison Krauss album. It's pretty awesome. Very nice.

::sigh:: I need to clean, but it's probably not going to happen. Bummer.

Thursday, January 1

Some Pig!

Or in my case...some year! Actually I have no idea. I'm terrible at tracking time, and therefore terrible at giving a re-cap of stuff that happened this year. But I can tell you what I did yesterday (amazingly).

I cooked.

Minestrone soup, Chocolate Orange Cupcakes and Artichoke dip.

Here's my messy kitchen:

I actually was just finishing the soup and started the cupcakes.
Oranges are awesome, and don't you forget it.

Minestrone Soup:

Ohhh yeah. super tasty. Then I went over to my aunts for New Years. Nothin like costumes on New Years:
Have a fantastic year!!!