Sunday, October 19

My curse

The Boy and I rented a few movies last night. It was about....oh, 11 pm. He got Alien because I have never seen it (I have also never seen Terminator, Gremlins, and a bunch of other "classic" 80's movies....and he thinks it's a travesty).

So, I grab Perrin the hedgehog, dodge his grumpy quills, and settle down on our nice reclining couch.

People, I didn't make it 15 minutes in. I was PASSED OUT. I know it wasn't the exciting part, but I'm not sure I wouldn't have slept thru all the other parts either.

It's a curse, this falling asleep thing. Anytime, anywhere. Dead to the world. I do it while talking too. That gets kinda awkward....

So, fell asleep early, now I'm up early. I'm off to attempt to continue training for this ambitious 5K run November 1st. hooboy.

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