Saturday, October 18


National Blog Posting Month. It's based on National Novel Writing Month where people try to write a whole novel in one month. Man, I am glad that I just joined up for blogging!

SO, I'm giving it a whirl this time around in November.
It's a good month, lots will be going on. A little shindig for my cousin/sista, Ms. M, my birthday, and who could POSSIBLY forget Thanksgiving. THE best holiday. That is where it might get a little tough to post, because I'm sure I will be partying hearty, and :ahem: playing "water" pong. I'll have to tell that story later on.
Overall, I'm looking forward to it. I have been meaning to get along with blogging, the Boy even set up a nice food site for me. (It does need quite a bit of tweaking tho...)

I think November will be lots of lovely fall pictures and notes, cooking posts, and general mayhem that comes along with knowing me, the little tree hugger!


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