Sunday, May 6

Apples to Oranges

As promised, here is the battle station in action:

Two computer screens, and a fancy desktop way in the back corner there that lets off a lot of pretty light shows. And an executive chair. If we're home, he's here.  :o)

A a consequence of our fabulous CSA we have been getting, we have had apples and oranges sitting around begging to be used up. For some reason, we can't keep up with eating them before another round comes. The Boy mentions: "hey, you should find something to use up these apples." But I know there are also a ton of citrus in there. I think, gee- I'll just google something.

Yeah. The FEW recipes I find that involve both apples and oranges seem overly weird (shortening in quick bread?). So, I start inventing my own. I just purchased a kitchen scale for these as well. Using the book, Ratio, I concocted the delicious:

Apples to Oranges Muffin
6 oz. AP flour
2 oz. whole wheat flour
1 t. salt
1.5 t. baking powder
.5 t. baking soda
zest from 2 oranges
1.5 t. cinnamon (might want to add a touch of ground cloves if you have any)
 4 oz. orange juice
6 oz of grated apple
4 oz melted butter (1 stick)
2 large eggs
.5 t. vanilla

Oven at 350.
Combine Dry.
Combine Wet.
Mix wet with dry until just combined. 
Spoon into 12 muffin cups. ( I added toasted pecans to the top of half because I like the texture/crunch.)
Bake for about 20 minutes, or until a paring knife inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean (as per Michael Ruhlman).

And they are GREAT. The Boy likes them too! Yay!!  I love the concept behind this book - that baking is all a matter of getting the ratios right, and then you can invent to your hearts desire. Not gunna lie, totally turned on by the fact that I have a kitchen scale and I can invent tons of weird new flavors of cakes and muffins and breads. If that makes me wrong, then I don't wanna be right.


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