Monday, April 16

Crisis Mode

It always seems to happen when I am suddenly struck with a seemingly insurmountable amount of work.

First - I get that tight pit of my stomach feeling: "Oh, crap - for real?"
Second - Panic: "What the hell, there is no way."
Third - Fear: "I'm going to get fired/People are going to see my messy house"
Fourth - Hopelessness: "Akjgaskjgnkajn ::crying::"
Fifth - Resignation: "Oh well, this job sucks anyway, guess I'll do what I can/Oh well, if it's messy, its not filthy."
Sixth - Crazy productive. Thank goodness it's been ending up this way.

Of course this means I don't get much rest. Or relaxation.

On of my best friends from high school and her girlfriend are coming to visit me in 2 days. And I honestly do not feel my house is acceptable for them to stay in for a week. Almost, but not really. The Boy got a bunch of new equipment for his lair (AKA: his battle station/desk [I should totally post a picture of it. It's breathtaking.]) and my boxes from work shipping me equipment are taking OVER. I did manage to get new towels, keep my kitchen in a manageable order, and go grocery shopping for this week. But I also did work about 12 hours too. No exercise. :o/

I'm so so so excited to see them, but super worried because of the amount of work I have/deadlines to meet, I won't be able to relax and enjoy spending time with them. It's my goal to get caught up enough to spend all weekend with them.

Oh yeah, I'm also taking the California Lead Certification exam the day I'm picking my friends. Which cost the company $212 bucks. If I fail, I have to pay it all again, and they don't offer it in my area again for another 3 months. Joy.

So, I am making lists and drinking tea and depending on the comfort of these tasks to keep me on track. It will all work out. It will all work out. It will all work out.

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