Sunday, April 1

Coffee cake!

Last night I made a coffee cake. I LOVE coffee cake. My grandmother used to make a coffee cake she called "Merk's." I have no idea who or what Merk's was, but the coffee cake was a sour cream batter with nuts and brown sugar layered between the batter. Never failed to get me up in the morning when I smelled it out of the oven.

So, following that memory, when I saw Shutterbean's post on her mothers traditional coffee cake, I needed to make it. I went out and bought sour cream specifically for the purpose. Of course, seeing as it is only me and the boy in our house, there was no way I needed 12-16 servings sitting around taunting me while I work from home. Plus, I don't have a bundt pan. So I halved the recipe and improvised:

It's a smaller pan - I believe it's the 7-8" range and I stuck a greased metal prep cup in the middle. I should have weighted it because as the cake rose, it pushed the cup out with it. So the hole doesn't go all the way's just an indent. No worries though! It still worked! It was also about 10 pm, so rather than trying to document something that would have dingy images, I just instagrammed it. (Yep. That's a word).

And I had a bit left over batter, (and I knew that waiting 20 minutes for the cake to cool wasn't going to fly with our impatience for sweets) I made a tiny one for the boy and I to share:

I made a bit of the maple glaze to go over it, but really, it's sweet and moist enough without it. And of course, we had some leftover for our breakfast this morning.....

Though, right now we are attempting to finish the champagne with Mimosa's. Everyone knows you can't keep champagne, right?! Hehe. Happy Sunday!!

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