Saturday, November 8

But I don't wanna get up.....

I am totally up at 8 to go to the gym.
I think I'm nuts. It's the perfect day for bed.

My alarm went off at 630 (normal time for workday) and I didn't see the boy. I panicked because I had no idea where he was..."is he in the bathroom? no, I would have heard him..sleeping downstairs? no he never does that...unless he's mad, is he mad at me?"
Seriously, all these things went thru my foggy head before I remember, "oh right, he's at his mothers."

Sometimes, mornings are not my thing.

SO off I go, froggy morning voice and all to "totally condition" my body.
Yeah, right. That will take some time.

But I did do some belly dancing last night.

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