Monday, November 3


Where did it go??

I guess a gin and tonic after work will do that to ya. The best kind is created with tonic containing quinine. What an interesting wikipedia article! Totally did not relate the pill you take for malaria with the drink you make for um, everything else! And? It's UV reactive. How interesting...

When I went to Costa Rica, they recommended a slew of immunizations and medications. I opted for just the tetanus and the hepatitis I believe. Some of my buddies also opted for the Quinine. My side effects? a sore arm (I swear it was for a month!) And them? Weird-ass dreams. They didn't seem like scary dreams, but it was more like they were so strange, they were spooked. Glad I didn't take it. hm..

I guess tonic with quinine doesn't give the same effects (unless you drink like...30 liters or something). Bummer, it says it helps with arthritis and nocturnal leg cramps. But it's not prescribed anymore for that purpose because the risks associated with the drug are more severe than would warrant the use of it. Psh. They never had my leg cramps.

P.S. Don't forget the lime.

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