Saturday, November 1

Happy November!

Well, I did it, and it wasn't too horrible.
My dad and I ran about half the 5K, and ran the last .6 miles. Our time? 38:15
Meh, I know, but we were not last! I will definitely run another. Just maybe when it gets warmer out.

Right now we are just hanging out, waiting for the motherly unit to return with food to begin our feasting. I believe the menu tonight is Pasta a la vodka. or something. I know it has vodka in it. Also, my mom purchased an ice cream maker for pumpkin ice cream!! My dad, brother and I used to make it every year with the ice cream maker they had received as a wedding gift. We stopped once the machine died. So my youngest brother was too late to experience the awesomeness that I remember pumpkin ice cream to be. I will take photos and post a recipe.

I also had made a cranberry crumble that I took photos of. It turned out kinda, um, odd...but I'll post it anyway. Good practice.

So, my kitty is re-adjusting to the basement. I heard the trip up wasn't too awful for him. He only whined part of the 3 hour trip. My mom stopped at the vet to pick up some tranquilzers because I didn't want him to feel too awful coming up. But he hadn't been to the vet for 2 years or so, so they wouldn't give it to her. Augh. My dad attemped to give him some benadryl, I know they give it to dogs. Dad mixed it in some wet food, Leo took two bites, and started foaming at the mouth. That didn't work either. Oh well. He seems to be okay. I have a little set-up in the basement for him, a chair off the floor and some blankets that he's been snoozing in. He'll settle in soon enough.

Okay, time to get back to my guests. Hooray for food!!!

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