Friday, December 12

Scrooge, but not by choice

Well. I just fell off the map, huh?

Meh. It was just the craziest month. I couldn't keep up with myself!

Right now I'm "sneak" posting. (at work, shh) It's crazy dead at work. There is NO ONE here from my division. I want to play hookey. I hear that my aunt (who is a teacher) has a snow day. I MISS SNOW DAYS. dang it.

Tonight me and my #1 are going to shop. Yaaay x-mas season. I have stuff set up for everyone else but him. He would be easy to buy for if he did not have such EXPENSIVE TASTE. Sheesh. Maybe he'll be really obvious tonite and point out stuff he wants.

Next week is kind of going to be hell on wheels. I have to leave the area THREE times next week and write THREE reports. Hopefully two reports if I can get my act together today (not likely). Plus, I haven't driven my car since Tuesday because I have ZERO money to get it fixed. The check engine light came on during a marathon site visit so I ignored it and continued to drive, oh, about 100 miles. If at the very worst case scenario (i.e., it's going to cost a billion dollars to fix) I'll have to rent a car to get where I'm goin for work. They will pay me back for it. Then if it's STILL not fixed by the time I have x-mas vacay, I'll have to take a bus back home. Oi. I hope it doesn't come to that. I'm just not ready to go thru all the jazz to get a new car. Thank goodness I'm getting a decent bonus this year. It's too bad I can't use it all up on x-mas gifts. I could easily spend 900 dollars on everyone. :oD

Happy December!

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