Monday, December 22

not fair!

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When I was a kid I was not allowed:

-To watch over a PG rating
-To have toy guns
-watch Rosanne (dad let us tho)
-to skip doing the dishes (I STILL despise doing dishes)
-go to the mall with just friends until I was 13
-get multiple piercings (prolly would still not be allowed to if i
-no boy girl sleepovers (um. that was probably a good thing)

That's pretty much it. I don't really remember a curfew. I must have had one, but we never really hung out at my house, so it didn't matter. I could go to dances and have boyfriends. But it just bugged me when the littlest brother was allowed to stay up and had toy guns and watch whatever was on TV. *tsk*

Rules I definitely am imposing on my children:
-dishes (muahaha, can't wait for this)
-chores before they leave the house on Saturday.
(why I feel the need for my house to be clean? I dunno)
- no boy girl sleepovers
- no eating on the couch (we don't even do it ourselves!)
- no excessive body mutilations (your father didn't need tattoos to be bad-ass)
- not sure on the swearing....prolly no s or f words. if it is allowed, no swearing AT anyone (no damn you, etc).

otherwise, everything else seems fine.

Right now, it's not fair I have to leave the house when it's super chilly out. bummer.

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