Sunday, November 5


Well, just one job.
In retail.
It's one of my favorite stores, but still. It's in retail.

I'm bring positive about the whole thing because I don't want to be negative and ruin how much fun I could have there. Still greeting complete strangers really isn't my bag, baby. I did do stuff I can get into though....restocking. so delightfully repetitive. Also register. I hope I get snukkered into working register so I can get really good at it. And get good talking with people.
Also, I have an interview for another part time (office) job. To be honest, I know I hate these kinda of jobs, but it's stuff I know how to do, and it's kinda like a comfort thing. We'll see how it goes, I'm getting better with the meeting thing.

Things here are much of the same tho, He and I are still struggling to get over our annoying congestion colds (seriously, his snoring is terrible. I have never heard him snore as much as he does now. And me? I'm sure I'm pretty terrible as well. And waking up in the morning choking on hardened snot? Ick. Ew. Gag. ). Our need to be plastered to each other is still quite strong. That will probably be bad for me later. And his desire to tickle me til I can't breathe is also grating a bit on my nerves. That he doesn't understand that it TOTALLY SUCKS, is also tough to get thru when you can't talk.

I'm getting desperate for money. I think I have a little more that 150 in the bank right now, and i have a loan payment coming up not to mention the credit card payment as well, now that I actually used it. My summer tree counting money would be really awesome is it came like 2 WEEKS ago. Alas, I'm not sure if I will get it until next week, or good grief, the week after that. Augh, bureaucracy.

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