Monday, November 6


Ya know. I really hate inconsiderate people.
Like the people who own this apartment.
They're nice enough, I guess, but they are either way lazy, or way too into themselves to give a crap about this place that makes them money.

Number one: When boyfriend moved in here, there were a number of issues. Namely the bath tub. It exists solely as a shower, even though it has a bath tub. The thingie (technical term) that you pull to stop the water from the faucet to the shower head is permanently fused in the shower position. Also (this drives me CRAZY every day) that there is no knob in which to adjust the water temperature. Just a little metal stick. Like a joystick. That is stuck. And then you want it just a tad warmer, but because it sticks it FLIES to the left side and it burns your skin. And you try to adjust it back and it FLIES back to the right turning you into a popsicle. *grumble*

Number two: The kitchen sink was broken. The water went from the faucet, into the drain, thru the giant hole in the cabinet and onto the floor in the cellar. It took them 2 WEEKS to get someone here to replace it. I would understand a week, but we couldn't do dishes for that amount of time! I would have done dishes in the bathtub, but remember? It only works as a shower! *twitch*

Number three: What sparked this whole rant, they leave their clothes in the washer and dryer ALL WEEKEND. Not only is that going to make their clothes reek terribly, but it it SUPER inconsiderate. Seeing as the only thing now that is really making this place messy is boyfriend's clothes that are everywhere. (Yes, I don't know how he has that many clothes either.) And seeing as they are showing the apt to someone this afternoon, as a deal, he would clean the coffee table (dinner table/desk/footrest) and do the dishes while I did the laundry. Good deal.
But no. Can't do laundry. Come on now landlords, I know you own the place, but there are other people who live here!

Man...does this mean I'm getting old when I get pissed about not being able to do laundry??

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