Monday, November 13

The Big 2-2

Ya, I know. I'm a fricken spring chicken.
And I LOVE it! :oD
Don't you worry, I certainly am not taking my youth for granted.

For example:
I still continue ballet lessons (even tho, I really can't afford it)
I still eat whatever I want (even though I can tell I should stop that soon)
I love (for the most part) what my body looks like
and I try to never forget to appreciate moments of beauty, excitement, and wonder.
So don't try to tell me I am wasting my young life. Thank you.

That said, I had a pretty nice weekend. Started off with a delivery of flowers from the 'rents. It is quite the interesting bouquet...I get to use the dish it came in for baking! woowoo! Hehe!
Boyfriend took me out to a fancy scmancy restaurant. Wine, salmon, chocolate and sherry. So tasty. I think Saturday was pretty uneventful, but Sunday I went with my aunt to the Carhart store in the boonies, and to an antique store. I found a really pretty china set with a silver and light green design on it, only $80! (No, I didn't buy it.....but I was considering it.) And I also found a shadow box. I really want one of those too. You keep little trinkets and doo-dads in the little compartments. I remember looking at my mom's shadow box all the time and marveling at how tiny everything was.

Anyway. We also found where my interview is tomorrow. Easy to get to. I wasn't nervous about it until my mother called and told me to bring my summer project to talk about. I'm like....crap. Eh. I'm just trying to remember to relax. It'll go well.

And now I'm off to check the mail for birthday card stragglers! yay!)

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