Monday, October 23

A bum of the nth degree

Good. Freakin. Grief.
1 month in and NO JOB.
I never pictured myself without a job. EVER.
I'm one of those middle class people that just accept life is going to be work day after work day until you retire. I never once thought....hey, I could prolly just get away with living off "the system." I still don't think I could (I eat far too much, and have an expensive taste for good food) but I can see how people just get "hooked" on the support and don't bother with really trying to find one.

I admit. I'm not looking nearly hard enough.
This whole "putting yourself out there" is totally not me. And I hate every second of it. I hate calling people on the phone and I hate constantly e-mailing and I hate not having anything to do. I feel like my hate of boredom and laziness would push me to call more places and get going, but it's just making me want to hide more.
DAMN YOU HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENTS EVERYWHERE! I hate the games they play too. I wish there was like a snapshot of everything that you could do that was just automatically updated. Then it would be an easy thing to just open up and show an employer. I'm an awesomely hard worker. But....they can't see that.
And the line "Fantastically hard worker" doesn't work on a resume.

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