Wednesday, October 11


I'm feelin pretty down and out.
Basically it's a vicious feedback loop (as my Envi. prof would say).
I have no job, therefore I feel lazy.
I feel lazy and that depresses me so I have no energy to care.
Not caring will not get me a job (go figure, right?).
So, yeah. It's boring.
Cleaned the bedroom and did all his laundry (but not his Gi...I don't want to screw that up!). I also tried to wash his pillow case. When I went to put it back on it looked like there was new light-ish stains on it....until I realized that the "stains" were actually where the detergent had actually cleaned the pillowcase. The rest was still dirty......ewww....
Cleaned the front room of all his electronic stuff and the boxes from his new computer. SO MANY BOXES.
He still has a bunch of his stuff in little piles, but I don't care. I'm used to a bit of mess now. I think it's because it's a bigger place than just one room. Hm...doesn't really make sense...but that's okay.

Things I want: (now that I have no money...)
1. I want a nice pair of jeans. Ones that really fit and look nice with my shoes with heels.
2. A few new cd's. It's been awhile.
3. I want to make a lot of baked stuff. Like cookies and muffins and stuff.
4. A bigger bed, or wider sheets. One of us always ends up left out in the cold. Literally.
5. I want to dance. I want to move, and shake off this shitty feeling. *shakes and grooves*

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