Tuesday, August 29

The plan for today

Seeing as this morning is a perfect Fall morning with a light steady rain and a cool breeze that is reminiscent of the impending season, this is my list fortoday so I am not distracted to do other sorts of things that i would rather do on this kind of day.
-Appointment at the dentist office at 910
-then come home and grab a drink and come up to your workspace
open the tree report and write more on the west side
open a powerpoint and get the layout of the presentation
make graphs of basal area and comparing the number of trees per mile in each side
Please refer to this when you get distracted. Because I know you will.
BEcause your alarm went off this morning at 7:30 and you were in bed til 8:20 just looking out the window and taking deep breaths of that cool air.
Get a move on babe, life awaits.

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