Sunday, September 10

Life is moving faster

I'm graduated.
That's pretty remarkable. School has started up again and I don't feel weird about missing it. I don't!
Not yet at least.
Moving up with the boyfriend. That's a bit daunting though. I'm wicked nervous about that. I love the boy, but I know how hard its going to be. I know this is a bit reckless, but I think I have to go for it. I have played it safe since I was born. Hardly got in trouble, never took risks. This is my big one. If I get burned, hey. That's what happens. I'm almost preparing for it but then I that me not having faith in my boyfriend of 6 years??
I'm totally unprepared. yay.
My other best friend is leaving in the morning to start her life in the city. I have one friend in the country and one in the city, and me in the middle. That's how we go. She was so nervous, granted it is not unwarrented. It's NYC. That place is intense. I'm not worried at all. Smaller city yes....but it's a huge step.
Here's to the next leap. Cheers *drinks*

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