Monday, August 28

Open your eyes

Overwhelming feelings tend to make me delirious
so oblivious to the real, cruel, harsh, unkindness of life.
One day when I'm old I will realize this,
but now,
now all I can think about is the changing future.
The brand new day with brand new sights
the brand new routes to work, the brand new routine
all settling into a comfortable normal
interspersed with the occasional surprise
and unexpected randomness that life always does bring.
Honestly love, I can't wait to live that life with you.
I know I'm sounding naive and too hopeful
and I feel that way too.
How else can I be if I have yet to be around you more than a few short nights at a time.
Trust me love, it will be difficult
I will be difficult, you will be impossible.
I will make mistakes, you will forget.
I know all this, but I'm waiting to share it
with you.

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