Thursday, August 3

Once again...

Being productive in all areas but work.
Made dinner. Well, I made too much lunch....I thought the ratio for rice was 1c. rice for 2c. water. nope. other way around.
Started some laundry.
Went to the doctors. I get to have a nerve conduction study done. electrical zaps! fun!)
Apparently the ulna in my right wrist is a little longer than the other bone and that might be causing my "discomfort." I think she thinks I'm batshit crazy. All my symptoms are everywhere.
OO, I'm making the double chocolate chip cookies again. They were awesome last time I made them.

The rain cooled it off a lot here. It's prolly only 85 here now! Crap. Which means I don't have an excuse for not counting trees. Dang.

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