Monday, August 1

Experiment in California Housewifery

Frustrating: Folding a fitting sheet.
Humiliating: The number of times I had to watch youTube videos to get it right. (when one woman said "one of the most challenging things you will have to do in your life is folding a fitted sheet" I wanted to reach in there and shoulder punch her. Lady. Rock climbing is challenging, relationships are challenging. This is just stupid.)

Frustrating: The amount of laundry I do in a week.
Humiliating: The excitement I had puling out that stupid pourer thing in the laundry bottle so I could get the remaining soap out for one more load. And cleaning it so I could recycle it.

When I worked I could care less about this stuff. Now that I'm home most of the day, I have time to contemplate it and spend the extra 10 stupid minutes to figure it out.

But now I'm off to explore the Redwood Regional Park(!).

...still trying to decide if the benefits outweigh the frustrations.

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