Wednesday, August 3

30 Days of Nature

Since there is so much to explore here in the Bay area, that I figure I would give myself a place to start. This 30 day thing is a recent trend. is currently in the midst of 30 Days of Fun. While that does sound great, I find reading a book fun - so that wouldn't be all that interesting to get me writing about (currently reading The Baroque Cycle by Neil's a tad challenging). Instead, to get me out of the house, I'll be trying to experience some sort of nature every day for at least 30 days. Here is where I'll write about it and hopefully post pictures (though I have misplaced my camera battery charger and won't have "real" photos until I do...). Anyway.

Day 1
Marina Park. Okay, So I started off "small." It's less of a park and more of a parking lot near the Bay. It's at the very tip of a curved peninsula off to the west side of Emeryville. It appears to connect to a large running/walking/biking/non-vehicular use trail that is along the eastern side of the Bay.

Looking north on the Bay:
Also: squirrels? that live in the ground? These need some investigating:

Aww...cute little feller! Especially seeing as he didn't try to attack me! And whatdda know, they are actually called California Ground Squirrels! Man, that's awesome. I didn't even have to do any digging.

Well, there. Now there are two things that I didn't know previously existed. Tomorrow: Redwoods. Things I did know previously existed, and may have gotten emotional being in their presence. Yes, I mean presence of trees. I was not kidding about the tree hugger bit!

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