Friday, August 12

Days of Nature...uh...

Okay. I totally understand the goal. To get you doing something for 30 days to make it a habit, or to really get into the feel of things. 30 straight days of nature is a perfectly lovely idea. That being said: I live in a city. Yes, I do happen to live in an area where nature is coveted and coerced to come out of every nook and cranny of window boxes and sidewalk utility strips. But I'm not going to kid myself and call sitting on the sidewalk communing with hand planted greenery "nature." I guess I could stretch it my saying "human-nature" or "human-created nature," but this is for me. And that's not what I meant.

Despite the fact that I practically live in one of the largest cities on the west coast, there is plenty to do. And there is also the fact that I have and awful, terrible, no-good memory. So when things happen that I want to remember or to relate - I'll try to put it here. Starting today, because, psh. I've been here for 4 months? I don't remember ANYTHING (that's an utter lie. It's been perfectly lovely, but I've been a grump because I'm sorta lonely. So lets just try and forget that whole bit and learn to be lonely and appreciate it, right?)

Today, instead of struggling to focus on doing work in my house, or slurping down excesses of coffee to make up for my lengthy work stays in cafes, I went to the library. Duh, right? The library near me is far too small and well used (how cool is that?!) for me to focus on work. So I went to the San Francisco one. I'm currently shaking my head in disbelief that I haven't done that before.

It's a large library - I settled on the 4th floor, 2nd being the children's library, the third being too crowded, and I hadn't gotten to the 5th or 6th levels yet. I was instantly more productive. Of course that was once I figured out that I had to be close to a hot spot to get good enough wifi for all my work connections. I was there a good 3 hours before I took a quick snack break in the cafe at the lower level. Headed back upstairs because I figured, what the heck. If can pound out more work, it's worth it. I'm there for another...oh, 2 hours before a gentleman with a laptop came wandering by with some mumbles and eventually sat down across from me at the communal work tables. I don't think much of it.

Until he REALLY starts mumbling. Like. Focusing on stuff and talking in that direction. It got to the point where it would distract me. So, like I usually do, I start saying bits and pieces of the things I'm working on to keep me focused. ...and it actually quiets him down for a bit. I stop, because he's become quiet. A short while later though, he starts up again: "Your HOLE is OPEN. That's the reason..bladity..blah...mummble do." So, I start my bit up again. Thankfully, I was pretty tired of work by this point, so I finish up and pack up to the sound of this fellow, outraged that the holes are still open. Good luck with that buddy.

I did get a library card for there though! I'm excited, they let you PICK which decoration you want on your card!

So there are my city experiences for the day. As I walked to the BART, I pulled out my headphones and was content to pretend I didn't hear the city for the rest of the way home.

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