Monday, January 4

I am writing here because I forgot my notebook. It's a pretty big annoyance because I use it to write down what pops into my head. If I don't it becomes a sticking point for my brain and then I can't focus on work until I get it down. Ya know, so I won't forget. HA.
The salliemae thing is still an interesting turn of events. Signing me up for some forbearance even though I didn't request it. Strange. So they are sending me a request form that "I" sent in. I'm interested to see what this supposed signature looks like. Seeing as I haven't done crap with them other than pay my bills on time and more than the minimum amount. Tsk. Nothing has changed for me financially, why would I be suddenly lazy and say, "oh, I don't want to pay for a year, but, yeah, sure, stack up all that interest in the meantime." dumb. So instead of putting more money in my savings, I will be again paying bills. It feels I will NEVER get ahead. bastards.

Anyway...really really looking forward to my massage on Friday - even though it's at 10 am. on a work day. I'm really suffering right now - my back feels like it has two twisted towels bunched up right beside my spine on either side. lovely. It's snowing out, my hands are cold, and gee, you would have no idea it's the first day back in about 2 weeks, huh? haha...I'm such a baby.

I am looking forward to being home tonight. I am making beef stew, and perhaps I will go to the gym. Not sure. But if not, there will be plenty of tea and blankets and Magic playing. That game makes me SO frustrated. The Boy thinks so quickly, and apparently there is this insane new way of doing can pick more than one blocker to defend an attacker. So technically, more creatures can die if you don't pay attention. OI.

I just finished reading Brian Sanderson's Elantris. Its a really really good story. This guy took over writing the Wheel of Time series when Robert Jordan, the original author died. I would highly reccomend the Elantris book to fantasy/sci fi readers. I think I want to mail it to my brother. I think he would like it too (he was also reading the Wheel of Time series).

I forgot a bunch of stuff at my parents house whil I was down there for the holidays. My organic sugar (it was for a recipe), the detachable fur lining to my coat, and the space heater. Augh, how I want that space heater for work. See? It all comes back to work.

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Down The Rabbit Hole said...

i have had elantris for like 3 years in my shelf and havent read it yet. i suppose i must pull it out now and dust it off!