Wednesday, November 4

  • Sleep is much much too addicting.
  • M&Ms are also addicting.
  • So is the smell, warmth, and taste of coffee.
  • Trying to get interested in doing dishes before dinner is more than a bit of a challenge.
  • Thinking of a million things.
  • new friend(?) from work asked how I was doing, because yesterday I was so sad.
  • Contemplating how poor I really am right now.
  • Wanting a dog (an older, wiser dog, no puppies. yes, I am aware puppies come before wise dogs.)
  • Dreadfully missing the background noise of my parents house. It has the comforting "lived in" spirit that my little apartment does not have yet (tho I suspect it is because there are not 5 human beings in it.)
  • For a start, I will turn on my Ipod, start a chili to simmer and play some rock band. There. Progress.

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