Sunday, November 1


It was a successful Halloween party (with me leaving to go downtown, PARTY FOUL! Although, I came back in a cab shortly after I got there).

We have so much alcohol left over, I have no idea how. We had so many shots and bottles of beer. We played a game where we wrote out semi-common sayings and handed them out. Then when someone was caught saying it they had to take a shot.It worked out because it was spaced out pretty well.

However, now I am hurting. I managed to get up and go dance at the choreographers critique session (I'm still shocked I managed ok). There was one point where I messed up and hesitated, and I know I'm going to be "scolded" for it. Bah, I just need more confidence. There were a lot of cool pieces and very physical pieces, something I would like to do more of. Perhaps when I get bold and ask if I can choreograph something.....I have a feeling that won't happen for a few years.

Well, after quite the eventful October, I'm looking forward to this month which seems relatively quiet with the exception of Thanksgiving and my birthday. Which, for some reason, I have no interest in planning anything for it. I would like dinner, perhaps some nice silver hoops, and a massage. Yes, I definitely want a massage.

I have quite an interesting week ahead of me. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read in bed with my hedgehog. He's in need of some attention :oD

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