Saturday, April 12


Here we go!! Pictures from the trip! ....two weeks ago! :oD

Belhurst is the name of the castle, but they also run this building; the White Springs Manor.

And the room....and the fireplace.....and...the picture. Here, lemme give you a close up:


Moving on to: the spiral staircase to downstairs.

Pretty sweet, huh? It was kinda awesome to walk down this to go to the bathroom. They had the fancy bathrobes too, but we didn't touch them cause I was afraid we would get charged for it or something. Everything in there had a price attached to it. Except for the fireplace. So we fired that baby up! then we ate Ben and Jerry's and watched cartoons. The dinner was el sucko (we went to a different restaurant, not the one here) so we went to wegmans, and then we realized they have cable! and we do not! so we caught up on our cartoons. So fun.
I have more, but I am really not a fan of how blogger lets me post here is one last good one of the last light of the sunset. It was a great weekend.

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