Saturday, April 5


26. Fly a plane
27. Invent something
28. Go on a vacation with The Boy
29. Volunteer frequently
30. Teach children about the environment
31. Have high tea in England
32. Go to a French bakery
33. Karaoke in Japan
34. Beat The Boy in a video game
35. Build a Green House
36. Camp out in a tree
37. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Ya know what? I do not think I have lived enough life yet to know what I am missing. So that's my list. (It's been sitting in my edit folder for about 2 weeks now and I haven't thought of anything new.) I say...not too shabby a list.

OK! Today is finally Saturday, so The Boy and I are going to our mini-vaca! hoorah! I will bring my new camera and hopefully get some sweet shots to showoff what it looks like. In the meantime, Happy weekend everyone!

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