Friday, February 9

A weird morning is when:

You are first woken up by someone asking if you would like to come in and interview with their agricultural consulting firm, (which is really something that looked interesting to you, and would love the challenge of working with farmers, but are mostly involved with another job that you really don't want because it's working with computers, but they might be giving you benefits....) and you say...

"um...maybe, can I call you back?"

And then while you are trying to recover and are chastising yourself for being such an idiot for f-ing up your chances for a really neat job, your boyfriend asks...
"Did we make-out last nite?" And you say...

" thought it was a dream too?"

And you realize after discussing how you kept falling asleep and how he was too warm in bed to get up to get the necessary items for such a deed that we both had just passed out.
I love my adventures.

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