Thursday, March 15


1. I am reading blogs. It may be a sad attempt to escape my brain and jump into others without actual human interaction. Maybe.

2. Human interaction is dangerous this time of the month. Like seriously. I totally flipped a shit on the BF today cause he said I had too many clothes.

3. PMS (as said by BF: pumms), I have a crazy urge to just buy a crapload of junk. I say junk because I know it will be. And food. I want food.

4. Tired as hell. Up at 610. Which is another thing.

5. New job. Part time, which sucks. But I get paid well. Just got hired for another Part time somewhere else. Doesn't pay as well, but whatever. As you might tell, I'm not TERRIBLY thrilled about them. Don't get me wrong, they're exciting enough, but not what I WANT to do. I know, I'm such an unappreciative asshole. Computer work just doesn't get me the way other jobs would. Plus my wrist pain suddenly made a reappearance. greaaaaat.
p.s. Part time=no benefits.

5. Hoping that I won't be anal retentive this weekend. I might be. But I will try not to be.

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