Monday, January 15

A tale of ridiculous emotions.

Goodness grief, I forgot how much I like the title of this blog.

Today, I am writing just to blow off a little creative steam. Yesterday was terrible. It was good that I went shopping and cleaned nearly the entire apartment, but bad otherwise. I was so cranky and myself (!) that I had to go to bed at 8 pm. And I had gotten up at 11 am.
It was that bad.
I couldn't even be awake for 12 was...*counts* 9 hours. That's it.
Now I'm all ready to hear complaints of "Oh you're so lucky to get that much sleep..." But me? I'm all like, You're so lucky you can be a decent human being for span of a normal day. Poor C. gave me a call like a normal and decent boyfriend, and I practically stomped on his feelings with the sole of my worn out and dirty sneakers. I was actually at the supermarket trying not to get run over (a weekend, and an impending ice storm=crazy shoppers), and should have told him that I would call him back when I was at out of a public area.
Sometimes, I am not so smart.

Hopefully that's over with.

So, my mother is coming to visit our apartment. Now I'm doubly excited that I was productive on the domestic front this weekend. I have been wanting to show it off for sometime, but it's totally not ready for entertaining. No kitchen table, I mean, come on now. But! That's okay.
I have the feeling she will be impressed. Maybe I'm just hoping she'll give me the impression she's impressed.....yeah. That would be good. (In order to please me, just pretend. It's that easy folks.)

So plans for later include:
a little more laundry
Fajitas for dinner!!!
maybe cleaning the office
perhaps putting up artwork in the hallway/gallery

Woohoo. Time to get to work. *groan*
I wish you the best day free of the cranky (as for myself)

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