Sunday, May 23

Here fishy fishy....

For the health of myself, I am trying to eat more proteins.

This is tough for a few reasons:
1. I LOVE BREAD. Unfortunately breads are carbs which are high on the glycemic index. Damn.
2. I like being a "vegetarian." Sure I'd eat chicken once in awhile, but I always pick the vegetarian plates out at restaurants over anything meat.
3. I'm lazy. I gotta admit it. I dig convenience foods - cuz I'm lazy.
4. I really really don't like the texture of red meat. Sure a fillet mignon might taste all melty and buttery and good, but its weird (um, and expensive).

So, exploring other options for animal proteins, I come to fish. After my envi education, I know that a lot of fishing practices are unsustainable and are slowly killing off some varieties of fish. The one that comes to mind first is Orange Roughy. It takes up to 30 years for the fish to mature enough to breed and thus replenish lost population from catches. Tilapia is one kid of fish that can be sustainable. You can raise many in a small area and are quick to reproduce.

Other than those two fish, I wasn't aware of what other kinds of fish I should lean toward. Until I located this Blue Ocean Institute guide to sustainable fish species. How can even do a search and it will tell you how the species are raised/caught or if there is a risk for elevated mercury contaminants.

Thinking before you eat is so much easier. And of course, that appeals to my lazy side. :o)

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