Sunday, May 23

Anger on a Sunday

And here I am again.

I was up early and of course hopped online. FOr some reason, compelled to check some news outlets covering environmental issues. Deepwater Oil spill in the Gulf is still making headlines....because they still haven't made any headway into stopping the flow of oil.

Found a documentary where even the TRAILER pissed me off:
Chevron Rep: " evidence contamination is causing these cancers, it is due to poor sanitation." don't get cancer from crapping in a pit lady. Plus, they have been around as a culture long enough to work out sanitation issues before YOUR culture was even created. CRUDE

Also for some gruesome photos (don't we all love those..) : Discovery Photos of the Spill

And finally some words of wisdom from a seasoned worker for and with the oceans:
"Constantly being surprised by catastrophe is stupid because unpredictable events in nature are totally predictable." --Jean-Michel Cousteau

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