Tuesday, May 19

NYC and the mountains

For 4 nights, 5 days.

SO excited.

Nightlife there is so rich, it's intimidating.


Next weekend - Adirondack camping! super excited about this too. I will be driving through the park for work and remembered I've never camped there. It's time to change that. Man, I love being an adult. Vacations whenever possible. (I don't even have to take Friday off work because I'm driving up there for work! Score!)

My cousin will also be joining me. He just graduated from ESF so he sounded stoked to go too. This way I don't be allllll by myself in the woods. heh heh. Mr. ESF said he would bring a canoe and hammock and a big skillet. I've got a tent and fire starters. we're all set! hehe

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