Sunday, March 22

A Week off of Work


Woke up earlier than the Boy (even tho he had to work) and got myself to Yoga at the gym. I have not been to the gym in at least 4 weeks, and I continue to pay. So, it was my plan to go and go to the gym twice that day. I was so sore after my "yoga practice" that I did not return. Of course.


Had an appointment where I found out I may have to have boob surgery (nothing serious). Then drove 2.5 hours to home town to visit my home girl from high school. Proceeded to stuff myself silly with all of our favorite foods from our favorite cafe, bubble tea and snacks. Became very jealous of her and her girlfriends very complete plan for their future. Called the boy to remind him to just take out the recycling. That's all I need done. "Okay, but I'll prolly forget." Stopped to dance with the Boys mother at her studio....touched my foot to my head and then got a severe cramp in my back. Go figure. Went back to hang with homegirl and family. Took a nice soak in the hot tub and passed out under a homemade quilt at her mother's house.


Woke early and watched some early morning "peppy TV!!!" shows. Decided that I was glad I do not have time on normal mornings to watch tv before work. Had some coffee, fruit salad for breakfast helped the homegirl's girlfriend make guacamole...and nearly devoured the whole bowl. We wanted to find some greeting cards that have the seeds in the paper (so you can just plant it) at a local artsy shop. No luck, but a lot of material envy because I had no money to waste on material things. Drove back home upstate and heard phone ringing. It was work. Listened to message from boss "I know you are having surgery this week...but we just got really swamped and thought you would only be hurting for a little bit so we need you to come in." He was joking. Got home...recyling was not taken out. Futzed around...organizing things for the next day...the Boy took me to get jello and pudding. Paced around until bedtime.


The day of oral surgery. Boy had the day off....we were both up too early, left early for the appointment. "Oh we are running behind" and forked over the $715 that the insurance wouldn't pay for. Rush of adrenaline every.time. door opens. By the time I am called in 45 min later I have none left. "How are you today?" the nurse asks. I answer with a brief 'ok'.

I walk into the surgery room...not so bad, don't see any immediate torture devices. Mention that my left arm has a better vein. Dentist manages to get IV into the back of my right hand after painful tapping. "tap, tap, tap" Um, I have bad hands, that really hurts..."I'm just finding a vein." No duh. After some prodding on his part, grimacing on my part, it's done. I take a few deep breaths and wonder when the drugs kick in. The dentist injects something into the IV line....5, 4, 3, 2,1. I mention that it kicks in fast. A oxygen tube is put in my nose, I try to shake it off. Getting sleepy...I mumble I'm going to sleep now...and the nurse agrees.

Hm, are my eyes opening? I frantically try and let them know I'm awake...I sure hope they are done by now. "Yes dear, you are supposed to be awake now." I vaguely remember them making me sit in a wheelchair to the recovery room. I am hiccuping madly. I apologise for this to the Boy and to the dr coming in. "The medicine usually has that effect." No idea how long I sat there, the Boy went for the car and I was wheeled out to the car. By this time I realized I couldn't talk so I pointed to my face because I knew they would forget my glasses. Nurse returns with the glasses. I have no memory of the car ride home. or getting settled. I freaked out at one point because I couldn't swallow the pain pill because of the copious amounts of novacaine and the gauze that was covering my tounge. (instead of two pieces of gauze, they used one). The Boy is amazing and put in the Secret of NIMH which we watched together and took my mind off the slowly denumbing mouth. Sat in a haze for a long time, read, iced my face, watched tv, had lots of pain pills.


Boy goes back to work, my mother arrives. " are so swollen!" Bustles right in with all her motherly awesomeness (she looks dressy and smells nice) and does the dishes and vaccums. I can't really chat still so I watch a lot of TV and snooze. I want to get out of the house so we go to the store so she can make me soup. Come home, snooze some more. The boy comes home ("did she vaccum?) and my mom goes to visit and old friend. I'm glad she can visit with her friend. the Boy and I go out to the store again because I want some games. he buys Pass the Pigs and 10 dice for 2 bucks. We buy the dice because the only Yahtzee game they have is 21 DOLLARS. Please. When we come home I print out the Yahtzee score cards from the internet. Mom and I play a game before bed.


My mom goes to pick up her brother from the group home he lives in so he can spend the day with us. He looks at all the pictures on Facebook of our family while we rearrange the guest bedroom. Mom, the Boy and I manage without too much bickering. Now we just need real mattresses. Mom spent the night on a crappy air mattress. My mom, my uncle and I take a walk to the playground. He charges up the play structure and heads for the biggest slide. However he spends the rest of the time on the swings which he clearly excells at. We have tasty BBQ for dinner and head our to take my uncle back to his group home...he is very sad. We promise we will come again soon. We head out to the stores to look for a bedroom set for the guest room. Mom buys all the linens and some neat boxes and I am going to buy mattresses. No good mattresses where we go. Ma has to sleep on another air mattress.

all in all, it was a nice week off. I'm very excited (and determined) not to make any more guests sleep on air mattresses while they are here. I swear, next time there will be real mattresses! But I am very excited about getting the guest room all together, it has a tree theme (what else). Also very excited to get back to dancing. Here's to hoping I can survive this work week!

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